9 Paloma Wool Pieces That Anyone Who Likes & Other Stories Will Love

We’ll take one of each please.

Paloma Wool Pieces That Anyone Who Likes & Other Stories Will Love

by Lucy Morris |
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A quick glance at Paloma Wool’s Instagram account and you’ll understand why this Spanish label is prime influencer fodder. Their school of art-inspired wearable fashion is not only very reasonably priced but looks like nothing you’ll ever find on the British high street. Based out of Barcelona, it’s the brainchild of Paloma Lanna Santaolalla, a jet-setting creative who calls on artists and ceramicists to help create a world of design that’s stretches from pottery to jewellery, accessories to hand-embroidered knits. Get to know the label NOW.


Debrief Paloma Wool Pieces

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1. Paloma Wool, Souvenir Cotton T-Shirt, £31

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2. Paloma Wool, Emilia Ankle Boots, £138

Paloma Wool Pieces3 of 9

3. Paloma Wool, 3delicias Jacket, £88

Paloma Wool Pieces4 of 9

4. Paloma Wool, Leandra Shirt, £70

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5. Paloma Wool, Delphini Corduroy High-Waisted Flared Trousers, £97

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6. Paloma Wool, Felix Hand Embroidered Wool And Aplaca Knit, £85

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7. Paloma Wool, Cotta Square-Fit Corduroy Jacket, £106

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8. Paloma Wool, Pollock Baby Alpaca and Merino Wool Knitted Scarf, £40

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9. Paloma Wool, Hockey Wide Leg Corduroy Jumpsuit, £106

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