This Special New Collection From & Other Stories Is Wedding Guest Heaven

‘The kind of pieces that will make you feel like the best-dressed guest, whether you’re going to a party or not’

& Other Stories wedding capsule collection

by Hannah Banks-Walker |
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With bank holidays approaching and the promise of warmer weather on the horizon, it’s likely that – while reading this – you’re taking a break from staring dreamily out of the window, wondering what on earth you’re going to wear to the countless celebrations you’ve put in the diary over the summer months. Thank goodness you have taken a break, though, for i’m about to impart news of a brand new, high street collection that is going to make dressing up a doddle.

Weddings, in particular, can be a tricky occasion to navigate. You may not want to spend a fortune on a new outfit, especially since all 17 of your close friends are getting married in the same month (or something that feels that way, anyway). But then, if you do buy something from the high street, you risk turning up in the same dress as the bride’s cousin’s mother and her sister. Confused? No wonder. What excellent luck, then, that & Other Stories has just launched a capsule collection designed specifically to solve all your dressing-up dilemmas.

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While it lends itself to wedding guests, the new collection is actually just aimed at those looking for something lovely to wear during the warmer months. As the brand themselves said, ‘The warmer seasons light a spark to the festive spirit and gives you the urge to dress up more. With this collection, & Other Stories wants to give women beautiful options to do just that, wearing the kind of pieces that will make you feel like the best-dressed guest, whether you are going to a party or not.’ Beautiful the options are, too, with pretty, puff-sleeved jumpsuits in silk, embroidered midi dresses in sorbet shades and satin short suits in powdery pink.

In terms of accessories, there are on-trend, square toe sandals, seashell jewellery and sunglasses to boot. And, if you happen to be near London and can visit either the Regent Street or the Spitalfields stores, & Other Stories is offering the opportunity to customise jewellery using dried flowers – either one-of-a-kind pieces that have already been decorated or bespoke pieces that can be requested there and then.

& Other Stories wedding

With the most expensive item in the collection priced at £159, it’s an affordable way to collect ocassionwear pieces that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. And you never need worry about what to wear to those 17 weddings again.

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& Other Stories Wedding Capsule Collection

Satin Blazer, £1291 of 20

Satin Blazer, £129

Satin Bermuda Shorts, £592 of 20

Satin Bermuda Shorts, £59

Cat Eye Sunglasses, £233 of 20

Cat Eye Sunglasses, £23

Square Toe Heeled Sandals, £794 of 20

Square Toe Heeled Sandals, £79

Embroidered Midi Dress, £1105 of 20

Embroidered Midi Dress, £110

Shell Fringe Earrings, £356 of 20

Shell Fringe Earrings, £35

Recycled Polyester Lace Midi Dress, £1597 of 20

Recycled Polyester Lace Midi Dress, £159

Striped Puff Sleve Midi Dress, £1108 of 20

Striped Puff Sleve Midi Dress, £110

Yellow Sandals, £799 of 20

Yellow Sandals, £79

Puff Sleeve Silk Jumpsuit, £12910 of 20

Puff Sleeve Silk Jumpsuit, £129

Handkerchief Midi Dress, £11011 of 20

Handkerchief Midi Dress, £110

Ruffle Collar Mini Dress, £7912 of 20

Ruffle Collar Mini Dress, £79

Cross Strap Sandals, £6913 of 20

Cross Strap Sandals, £69

Long Sleeve Satin Midi Dress, £8914 of 20

Long Sleeve Satin Midi Dress, £89

Floral Linen Blend Top, £4515 of 20

Floral Linen Blend Top, £45

A-Line Floral Skirt, £6916 of 20

A-Line Floral Skirt, £69

Strappy Block Heel Sandals, £6917 of 20

Strappy Block Heel Sandals, £69

Watercolour Maxi Dress, £12918 of 20

Watercolour Maxi Dress, £129

Sculptural Earrings, £2319 of 20

Sculptural Earrings, £23

Semi-Sheer Maxi Dress, £12920 of 20

Semi-Sheer Maxi Dress, £129

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