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Thinking of buying into spring's obsession with suede? Since Chanel's candy floss pink suede suit and Burberry's suede trench coats trotted down the runways the fashion world has got a whole lot more strokeable. Thankfully, there are some more affordable options already out there online (with more to come) so we figured we would try a whole load on for you, what with suede being a tricky one to buy without giving it a good prod first.

Here's a roundup of our finest suede testing.

Sophie, News Editor


Jacket, £100, Asos Men's

The online dream: I thought this jacket looked quite bright, so I was a bit apprehensive. I was also worried my hair might clash and that it might wash me out.

**The IRL experience: **It was warmer than I thought it’d be (practicality is my main goal when wearing clothes) but I have a bit of an aversion to the feel of it - I think I have a suede problem. The fit was great, the pockets were spacious and I think it looked great on me - the clash with my hair worked, too, and somehow I didn't look too pale.

**The debrief: 8.5/10 **I’d only buy it if it wasn’t suede. Awkward, but I have suede trainers and it’s SUCH a pain when it just drizzles a tiny bit because it can totally interrupt your plans (Raining? Wearing suede? Get home ASAP, take shoes off, wait for them to dry, brush them, spray them). As lovely as the cut was, I just don’t trust suede in this weather. It probs is worth £100 but that’s something I’d feel more equipped to say after a few weeks.

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Charlie, Fashion Editor


Jacket, £25, Rare London

The online dream: I was unsure about this jacket, I thought it might turn up and look super cheap and nasty, in a weird caramac colour. I've never worn anything fringed before, so I was intrigued to see whether they felt too fluttery and annoying, and whether they would look too roughly cut.

**The IRL experience: **In real life this jacket was so much more luxurious than I expected, the suede was super soft, and it's a very neutral, slightly stony shade, not yellow at all. The only thing I wasn't mad about was the waterfall front - it feels a bit dated - but I'm definitely keen to buy something fringed and would trust Rare London.

**The debrief: 7/10 **I wouldn't buy this jacket because I"m not keen on the style, but I would definitely buy other suede items from Rare after trying this one on.

Natalia, Deputy Creative Editor


Dress, £267.75, Elizabeth and James at

The online dream: The pics for this dress were definitely inspiring, it looks luxey and like it's worth investing more money than I would usually spend on a mini dress.

**The IRL experience: **The dress is really good quality - even better than what I was expecting. It's really soft but feels well-made and sturdy.

**The debrief: 9/10 **I think with suede, sadly you have to pay the money, the cheap stuff just doesn't cut it for me! Its the kind of thing I would save up for as it's expensive but is a classic, good fit - I can imagine wearing it for years.

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Emma, Social Media Editor


Jacket, £30,

**The online dream: **The jacket looks great in the picture, the suede looks quite plush. I really loved the idea of the tassels so I was excited to see it in real life and see if it lived up to expectations.

**The IRL experience: **Annoyingly the fabric was thinner than I expected. A lot thinner. I wanted it to be thicker mainly because it's so bloody cold at the moment! It was soft, but the thinness of the material let it down for me.

**The debrief: 6.5/10 **£30 is really a good price for a suede but I'm not sure I would buy this one, not until the weather seriously improves. Great for a trip to LA though, if I was going to LA, that is.

Chemmie, Editorial Assistant


Boots, £40,

The online dream: I love the look of over the knee boots on other people so I thought I'd give them a go myself. I really liked the black chunky sole which stopped them looking too OTT. I wanted black or grey but they weren't available so I had to settle for red which I was more than a little concerned about…

The IRL experience: I am not a red person, a suede person or an over the knee person but I love these. The red is a soft, maroon colour rather than bright red which I think would be far too much. Although I think it's obvious these aren't real suede when you touch them, they don't look cheap at all. The black chunky heel is the perfect touch and makes them really comfy to wear.

The debrief: 8/10. These are so not as scary as they look – wear them with a monochrome outfit for a pop of colour and to avoid looking too 'Pretty Woman'. Although they're a decent price, I do feel like they should be a tiny bit cheaper as they're not an everyday staple. Regardless, I now need (okay, really really want) these unexpected gems in my wardrobe.

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