The Olsen Twins Deny Ex Intern’s Claims Of ‘Reckless’ Treatment At The Row

The Olsens Responded To Claims From Ex Interns


by Hayley Spencer |
Published on

Last month, interns who spent time working at Mary-Kate and Ashley's label The Row caused controversy when they accused the sisters' brand of taking above and beyond to a new level.

About 40 students who had worked for the twins filed a class-action lawsuit against them, claiming they'd been made to work grueling hours and recieved a lack of pay or college credit.

MK and Aashley were quick to respond saying the claims were 'groundless,' and now the lawsuit rumbles on, as they've flipped the case on its head. The twins have asked that they be compensated by main plaintiff, Shahista Lalani, for the cost of their legal fees.

The news comes from court documents that The Daily Mail claims to have obtained, dated 14th September. The newspaper says that via their company Dualstar, the twins deny each and every claim made by Shahista.

When news of the lawsuit first broke, Page Six outlined that Shahista said she was working 50-hour weeks for The Row and didn't recieve any school credit afterwards. The lawsuit claimed that she was made to do duties akin to a full-time employees and that she had to perform non-work-related errands.

Now, the Olsen sisters, according to the court documents, deny they acted in the 'reckless or malicious manner,' suggested by the plaintiff, and they want her to repay them their legal fees as a result.

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