Obi Belts And Neck Scarves: What You’ll Want To Shop Now Thanks To The Marc By Marc Jacobs Show

Everything we want from MBMJ at New York Fashion Week


by Bethan Holt |
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In New York yesterday, Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley unveiled their brand-new version of Marc by Marc Jacobs, which we’re now calling MBMJ by the way. It’s the label that we used to really love but then got a bit meh/expensive in recent years. Good news, though, the Hillier/Bartley dream team showed a collection with a bit of a ninja, Japanese anime vibe, which might sound nerdy but was actually awesome. It's left us wanting lots of new things – some of which we're going to shop for right now. Such as:

A woven cross-body bag

Forget your aspirations for a Classic Q hobo, the new bag you’ll be needing is the red/black/white woven cross-body jobby. Big, stylish, hands free and the sort of thing that will make you look stylish the minute you put it on.


Snow boots

Well, they might not be actual snow boots but more like so-bad-they’re-good boot/trainer hybrid type things. OK, still looking for the actual words but we want, OK.

**An obi belt **

The show’s stylist, Venetia Scott, demonstrated that an obi belt could actually be our new outfit-transforming best friend. Especially with blazers.



One you can actually achieve today. Suddenly plaited Pippi Longstocking pigtails seem like a great idea.

A ninja neck scarf

Once the most polarising fashion item; now everyone's going to want a neck scarf. The MBMJ ones came emblazoned with the brand’s new logo and with a mad bit of fringing. Worn with a scowl.


Jeans with badges/transfers

Rips might be the thing right now but the way to move your denim on is going to be with colourful badges and transfers.


A polo neck with a really long neck

Especially love this one. Instead of a polo neck with a normal length neck, we now want one where the neck is almost long enough for a giraffe so that we have to wear it all ruffled and crumpled.

A scarf that's actually a big bow

There were several elements of girlishness in the collection. One of our faves was this idea of an enormous scarf tied into a big bow. Hoping these go on sale because we really cannot work out how we would achieve this on our own.


A shiny pencil skirt

Specifically, a cobalt blue latex-looking one that we would then tone down by wearing with a checked shirt.


**A martial arts suit **

Whether we’d actually be brave enough to do this is questionable, but love the idea of dying our brother’s old karate outfit into khaki.


Long, sporty socks

Another genius styling trick, long socks were worn over tights and with trousers tucked in. Happy Socks have a bunch of spotty, bright choices a bit like the MBMJ ones.

A great big tutu

Who doesn’t love a tutu? We like the way these ones are less ballerina more intrepid girl biker, somehow. That's skills.


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Pictures: Jason Lloyd-Evans

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