Stop Press! Now You Can Bag Yourself Some Karl Lagerfeld For £25

Karl has done a collab with Tiffany Cooper (featuring lots of Choupette) and we're pretty excited about it

Now You Can Get A Bit Of Karl Lagerfeld For XX Quid

by Charlie Byrne |

Mr Karl Lagerfeld has gone and done a collaboration that we can actually afford. Wahoo! He has partnered up with illustrator Tiffany Cooper on a line of T shirts and sweatshirts, which are all available at from today.

We're pretty obsessed with this green T shirt that shows Karl and his potentially even more famous than him cat (£65), Choupette, going on summer camp in a tent. And if that's a bit more than you'd want to spend on a T shirt, check out this Choupette key ring, and this monster print notebook and socks, all £25. Basically we're saying you can own your own bit of Choupette for the cost of five Pret lunches, one night out in the pub, or a fairly posh bit of makeup. Which, given that she earns £2 million a year, seems like a bit of a bargain.


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