Nordstrom Is Selling Pre-Muddied Jeans For $425

Want to look like you've done some hard manual work when you really, really haven't? Enter the pre-dirtied jeans, yours for less than £400...

Nordstrom Is Selling Muddy Jeans

by Pierangelly Del Rio |
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Nordstrom, purveyor of the 'clear-knee mom jean,' brings us the latest fashion invention: muddy jeans. Yes, they’re totally a thing now. The pre-dirtied jeans, formally called 'Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans,' are described as heavily distressed and 'a comfortable straight-leg fit embody rugged Americana workwear that’s seen some hard working-action.'

The jeans, priced $425 (£330), promise to give buyer the look of some who’s not afraid of getting down and dirty.

The image on shows mud-soaked jeans, produced by PRPS, with huge brown stains on the pockets and knee areas. CNN discovered the substance it’s not actually mud, as it doesn’t wash out.


As per usual, the online community took the opportunity to review the product and mock its ridiculous price:

The responses that the unusual pants have drawn so far might suggest that the Barracuda pants would not be the ground-breaking success Nordstrom expects. The pants, however, are just one of latests products sold by the firm which also featured the Clear knee mommy pants,pants with transparent patches on the knee area and 'the medium leather wrapped stone', an actual stone wrapped in leather with a very unclear purpose.

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