9 Non-Lame Things With Emojis On

In honour of the new emojis, here's how to wear them on your sleeve. And bag. And shoes.

9 Non-Lame Things With Emojis On

by Jess Commons |
Published on

Just because emojis are like, everywhere, doesn't mean they're lame. In fact, with a whole bunch of new ones about to land. Here's some emoji trinkets that aren't lame AF.

1. These Emoji Patches


H&M, £5

2. These Emoji Keyrings

Primark, £2

3. These Emoji Friyay Socks

Topshop, £3.50

4. This Emoji Taco Pin

Madewell, £10.15

5. This Emoji Sweatshirt

Dolls Kill, £53


Etsy, £12.73

7. This Sassy Emoji Notebook

LalaLand, £5

8. These Emoji Mini Pots

Trouva, £20

9. This Emoji Text Print

Etsy, £7

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