Getting To Third Base With The Nike Zonal Strength Tights

She's got over 100, 000 YouTube subscribers and an obsession with fitness, so we asked YouTuber Tasha Green to get to third base with the new Nike Zonal Strength Tights to see what all the hype was about

Getting To Third Base With The Nike Zonal Strength Tights

by Alyss Bowen |
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Normally with training tights, there’s one thing you dislike. From the length to the forever-falling down waist band, most pairs fall flat with that one thing that brings them dramatically down. And when training not only do you need a tight that's going to support you whatever your sport, you also need to feel great in them - there's no shame in admitting you want to look good in the gym. So, with that in mind, we asked 25-year-old YouTuber and fitness fanatic, Tasha Green, to put to test the new Nike FKA Twigs Zonal Strengh Tights. Let's see what all the hype is about shall we?


How'd they feel?

'Like a dream, it’s hard to explain but they kind of feel like super snug, soft socks hugging my leg. I’d highly recommend them for a relaxed yoga class, you might want to stroke your legs all the way through though.'

What's with all this detailing?

'Let's talk about the compression pads - when you run or work your lower body and your legs can often feel like they’re moving around a bit too much, but the zonal strengh technology provides support in the areas your legs might need it most, like your quads. This means you can train for longer, which is always a bonus, right? The real show-stopper here is the v-shaped waist band, though. Not only do the flat seams mean you get no annoying bumps under your lycra, the smooth to texture fabric makes for the most flattering fit.'

Let's be real, can I actually work out in them?

'Let’s put it this way – normally in training tights when you’re working out hard, your bum has the tendancy to fall out. These not only feel fantastic, and are extremely flattering, they stay up whether you’re squatting, deadlifting or doing a HIIT class. If you're going to wear them from Monday-Thursday (who washes gym kit after one wear?) you'll be getting your moneys worth. Cost per wear people, cost per wear.'

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