Hamburgers, Molly Goddard And A Day In Trainers: One Editor’s London Fashion Week Diary

What does it really take to survive LFW? One word: trainers.

Hamburgers And Molly Goddard: One Editor’s London Fashion Week Diary

by Lucy Morris |
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It’s Saturday, the second day of London Fashion Week, and my schedule is packed. There is barely time to pee, let alone pop home for an outfit change, so preparation, organization and a well-packed handbag is key. Plus, a pair of comfortable shoes.

7:05 a.m

Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

7:10 a.m.

Alarm goes off. Hit snooze. (Do you see a pattern here?)

7:15 a.m

I’m up (this really deserves an applause)! Drowsy not from some glamorous fashion week party, but because I was up until 1 a.m writing a feature. Fun.

7. 20 a.m

After downing my coffee in one like I’m part of a tired person’s drinking game, I go for a run. Why? Fashion week is stressful and to keep my mind on a level playing field I need to get some fresh air and rebalance my psyche. It’s like meditation for someone who struggles to sit still. I’m slow so only just about manage 5K in half an hour before realizing I need to get going if I want to make it to my first show.

Hamburgers And Molly Goddard: One Editor’s London Fashion Week Diary

8:18 a.m.

I pre-planned my outfit because I’ve learnt I work better at picking something sensible to wear in advance #adulting. If I chose my clothes in the morning I’d probably leave the house in my pyjamas and the closest coat I have to a duvet, and yet my room would still be doused in the contents of my wardrobe. But, what to wear? After putting my new Nike Epic React trainers to the test this morning I’m quite reluctant to give them up. So comfortable, so light, so soft. Starting shoes up I realise they actually go with the majority of my wardrobe. Happy days. I put them with a pair of (vegan) leather trousers, a floral dress, a puffa jacket and my psychedelic-bright fluoro pink plastic bag (also from Nike).

11 a.m.

I made it by the skin of my teeth to Toga’s show by Kings Cross. On the tube over I sold my soul to God to make sure I didn’t miss it, let’s hope this doesn’t come back to bite me. It was beautiful so at least it was worth it.


Molly Goddard Nike React Shoes

Molly Goddard Nike React Shoes1 of 1

Molly Goddard Nike React Shoes

12.30.p.m Nibbling on a croissant I test out these new kicks. As they are the first running shoe to feature foam technology, the cushion is meant to give each step energy return, or so Nike tells me. In short, they aren't wrong. By the time I get to backstage at Molly Goddard at Topshop's new fashion show space in Covent Garden I barely noticed I've walked two more mile

1.25 p.m.

Backstage everyone is really calm, which is weird (especially as only half the models have had their hair and make-up done). I take this lull to look at the racks of clothes about to be presented. As it’s a Molly Goddard show there’s a lot of tulle and colour. I’ve fallen hard for a dress that looks like an orange explosion. Expect to see me looking like a tangerine dream this autumn.

2 p.m.

I left backstage in a hurry thinking the show was about to start. The joke’s on me as I sit here for another 20 minutes waiting for it to get started.

2.35 p.m.

Molly’s show was fantastic but I want to see Markus Lupfer’s new collection so I need to hotfoot it over to the Swiss Church, near High Holborn, before the presentation finishes. By the time I get there I realise there was no need to rush as everyone’s still milling around drinking champagne. Let me put this on the record now: this kind of glamour is a rare sighting in these post-Brexit LFW times.


Feeling a little woozy from a couple of glasses of champers, I meet a friend at by CHLOE. for a late lunch. It’s just opened in London and is very trendy. Every angle of this place looks like ‘content’, and rightfully so every diner is documenting their every bite. That is, except me and my friend. We’re gorging on vegan burgers, sweet potato fries, smoothies and cakes. So, just a light bite.


Burberry Nike React Shoes

Burberry Nike React Shoes1 of 1

Burberry Nike React Shoes


With my feet still holding up, I leg it over to the Burberry show. As this is Christopher Bailey's last collection as creative director of the label, this is the hottest ticket of the week. After crossing an anti-fur picket line and feeling a bit shit about the amount of leather and wool I wear, I get into the venue. I've only got a Standing ticket, which means its tiptoes for the next half hour, but I do feel very thankful I'm not suffering in stilettos, like the lady next to me. The show is fantastic - Cara Delevingne and Adwoa Aboah walked and Bailey used his platform to champion the LGBT message. Feeling empowered and invigorated I dash over to the Topshop space to catch House of Holland's show. Fashion week sounds fun and glam but so much of it is spent running around in circles, like a headless chicken


Henry Holland Nike React Shoes

Henry Holland Nike React Shoes1 of 1

Henry Holland Nike React Shoes


Supposedly House of Holland started 5 minutes ago, but lucky for me everything in LFW-land runs late and I make it to my seat with time to spare. Sitting front row I get a decent view of the designer's stompy hiking boots, down-filled jackets and paracord accessories

7.09 p.m.

Now would be the sensible time to go home, finish off my articles and get an early night before tomorrow’s slew of shows. Instead, I linger around Covent Garden for an hour browsing Zara and reapplying my make-up in a Starbucks toilet. Chic, right? I have a trashy-looking hair slide and a pair of Pat Butcher earrings swilling around the bottom of my bag, I pop them on and sling on a belt. One day, one bag, two comfortable but cool outfits - is this the definition of winning?


Five Guys Halpern Browns Nike React trainers

Five Guys Halpern Browns Nike React trainers1 of 1

Five Guys Halpern Browns Nike React trainers


Did I mention I was going to a fashion party at Five Guys?! Yes, that means I'm eating my second burger of the day, but remember I went for a run this morning. At the Halpern x Browns party I drink one too many boozy milkshakes and make the wise decision to skip Clio Peppiatt's x Gal-Dem's party and take myself to the bus stop instead. Usually, when I'm in this state I feel bougie and order an Uber, but my feet are holding up and the night bus only takes about half an hour

1 a.m.

I stumble into my teeny tiny flat feeling a little worse for wear, but blister-free and impressed by how soft and durable my new sneakers have been.

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