A New Way To Carry Your Bag, And Other Lessons We Learned From Carven

Tips for your mental wish list while you start saving up for the awesome new collection from Carven


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If there’s one thing fashion’s a total pro at, it’s re-inventing the wheel, so if you thought you already knew all the ways to carry your bag, think again. Victoria Beckham showed us a neat clutch-pincer action for AW14, while that same season, reliable purveyor of brave new things, Miuccia Prada, had models hold chain-strap purses like they were rucksacks slung on one shoulder.

The latest take, from last night’s Carven show, is what we shall christen the ‘scoop’, AKA, models cradling bowling bags sideways under their arms. Who needs handles?! This could totally be the new coat-on-your-shoulders, and we know you can’t wait to see the end of that trend.

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Of course, this wasn’t the only thing worth noting at Carven, the hip Parisian label that you can just about save up for if you spend a month switching pints for halves and taking your lunch to work (this amazing jumper is only £150). Here’s the details you’ll want to mull over while you mentally re-arrange your social schedule in favour of a Net-a-Porter spree…


Snake - gone are the days when reptilian designs make you think of Janice from Friends because here Carven designer Guillaume Henry makes it look slinky and chic, while giving us a snazzier take on sports style that every-single-designer is referencing. You can start your snake charming right now for just £15 at Monki.

Not so mellow yellow - sunshine shades were all over the streets at New York Fashion Week, and bright yellow gives a big old zing to monochrome in this collection too. If it's a colour you're not quite sure about, now's the time to start convincing yourself of its benefits, because it's not going anywhere, and mixing it with black and white, as Carven does, helps alleviate any kid's entertainer vibes.


Cycling detail - we're sure fashion's persistence to make you think cycling shorts are a good idea is as futile as suede shoes in the rain (although, Olivia Palermo wedding shorts...), but consider some other tips nicked from the bike-world that Carven is giving a good rep: zip-up funnel neck t-shirts, last seen in the Tour De France, and go-faster stripes on aerodynamically sleek shoes. Those things could find a happy new home in your weekend wardrobe.


The 60s power coat - from Betty Draper to Alexa Chung (a huge Carven fan, as it happens), this short, swingy, statement-collared coat never fails to look the perfect combination of bold, feminine and casual-but-you-still-care. If you haven't got one, you need one.

Kyoto kitsch - cartoonish rising sun prints in bright blue and red brought the funtimes to this Carven collection and give a very good reason to look out for vintage Japanese prints on eBay.

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