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Meghan Markle

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Take a look at our new and exciting introduction to the magazine, sitting alongside your old favourites:

FASHION: Adding to our curated charts of the week's hottest drops, Grazia now brings an added usefulness to its unrivalled fashion offering, with new franchises such as WTF do I wear to... and Priceless, where we nail a trend for less than £200. Also new to the mix is comedian Katherine Ryan, giving her opinionated take in Perilous Garments and new regular Staying Power brings a historical perspective to a timeless trend that week.

NEWS: Grazia continues to bring you the unexplored details of the celebrity stories of the moment, only now in The Take we've added more insider-led analysis that you simply won't find anywhere else.

BEAUTY: Our best-in-the-business beauty editors are going further than ever before to test and try the products that truly deserve your money, time and trust. In the first issue, we investigate why the beauty world's gone mad for marijuana and introduce our new regular home for fragrances in Story of a Scent, in which guest writers recall the past through a perfume. We also bring mental health into the spotlight in new troubleshooting franchise School for Thought with columnists Eleanor Morgan and psychologist Anjula Mutanda.

FEATURES: Grazia continues to deliver its unique mix of bold, agenda-setting features only now with added depth and rigour. The new Deep Dive slot is home to longer explorations of topics close to our readers' hearts, and we also welcome new franchises such as The Provocateur, showcasing bold opinions and surprising takes on the week's news. Expect a fun, fresh and often funny take on today's hottest human interest stories.

CULTURE: Our new Grazia Playlist section now encompasses everything in the week's cultural drop - from podcasts and books through to music, travel and interiors.

So what can you expect in this week’s ALL NEW issue? We delve deep into the film industry’s body fascism and reveal the hidden world of bullying and secret contract clauses that are keeping actors malnourished. Feminist princess-in-waiting Meghan Markle is on course to revolutionise the British monarchy – we tell you why you should care. And explore how cannabis-derived ingredients are hitting the world of skincare, and the enduring staying power of a fashion classic: the beret. All that, plus so much more – in this week’s issue!

Welcome to your NEW Grazia. Grab your copy in store today!

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