Never Thought You Needed A Kimono? You Do. And This One’s Great

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by Pandora Sykes |
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The kimono - or the mono - is an essential part of every woman's wafty wardrobe. What's a 'wafty wardrobe' you ask? Why, it's the clothes that you wear to waft around your bedroom/flat/garden/balcony.

When on holiday, you may wear it over a bikini, whilst clutching a glass of Rose- as you peer imperiously over your balcony. At home, you may wear it over a sweater, whilst sprawled decadently across your sofa during a Netflix marathon. In short, it will lend a note of tropical regality to everything that you do. It's never better than in summer, though. So get it now - because there are tons of hideous nylon butterfly-embellished kimonos out there and you deserve a really nice one. Like this.


Vintage Remnants Floaty Printed Kimono in Green, £40, Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters

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