Neon Bags To Get You Pumped About Summer

Because eye-wateringly bright neon accessories are on trend this summer

These Awesome Neon Bags Will Get You Excited About Summer

by Charlie Byrne |

As soon as it gets sunny out, and people start thinking of summer and Ibiza and all the colourful stuff that comes with it, then a tonne of neon stuff pops up on the high street. If you're not brave enough to rock a full-on neon dress, shorts or T-shirt, then try a bag - easy to sling on and ditch if you need to tone things down. Here's our round-up of the best neon bags out there right now.


Neon Bags

New Look
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Bag, £9.99

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Bag, £125 at
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Bag, £10

Skinny Dip
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Bag, £40 at Asos

American Apparel
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Rucksack£29.99 at Asos

Star Mela
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Tote bag, £98 at Free People

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