5 Episodes of Naomi Campbell’s New TV Show We’d Love To See

5 Episodes of Naomi Campbell's New TV Show We'd Love To See


by Bethan Holt |
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Anything Naomi Campbell does will always have a healthy dose of fabulousness. Whether she’s sashaying down a catwalk, delivering cutting remarks as a mentor on The Face or just hanging out on the Gogglebox sofa with Kate Moss and Noel Gallagher, Campbell’s unique personal brand is the stuff of modern day fashion legend.

So it seems only right that she’s getting her very own TV series, entitled- of course- I Am Naomi Campbell. The show will air on Yahoo Style and looks set to follow the undoubtedly brilliant and bonkers life of the supermodel. There’s no further information as to what we can expect just yet so in the name of pure speculation, we’ve mapped out five dream episodes…

1. At the White House with Naomi

****Ok, this one’s not entirely off the top of our heads. On Sunday, Campbell Instagrammed a pic of herself posing in front of the Lincoln Memorial in advance of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. We’re thinking Naomi getting ready with Michelle? A quick aperitif with Barack?

2. Feminism with Naomi and Hillary

Keeping on the political theme, Campbell was at the UN with Hillary Clinton, Diane Von Furstenberg and a few others including Dakota Fanning and Maggie Gyllenhaal last week for the DVF awards. We'd love to see them all debating women's rights over cocktails.

3. Naomi does Throwback Thursday

As one of the most major of 90s supermodels, Campbell has some serious pedigree. But aren’t we yearning to know what really went on, before the social media age recorded every detail? Backstage gossip from Gianni Versace shows, overnight parties on private jets speeding from New York to London and couture fittings with Jean Paul Gaultier, we want to know it all!

4. Naomi's Evening Routine

It’s the quintessential video posted by the modern vlogger girl, usually involving healthy dinners, a 20 minute yoga session and a 57 step skincare routine. But we can only imagine how brilliant Naomi’s night times might be. Dinner with Diana Ross, massages by a team of personal attendants and dancing until 3am in her own personal night club perhaps?

5. The Yacht party, Cambell style

It wouldn’t be summer without the pre-requisite shots of Naomi enjoying a cruise around the Mediterranean on a super yacht. But what goes on below deck? Ideally this episode of I Am Naomi Campbell would include an extensive bikini styling session, banter with Roberto Cavalli (it’s probably his yacht tbh) and water skiing lessons with a bevy of suave sailors.

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