EXCLUSIVE: Naomi Campbell On Being The New Face of Agent Provocateur

EXCLUSIVE: Naomi Campbell On Being The New Face of Agent Provocateur


by Katherine Ormerod |
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The living proof that there are no age restrictions when it comes to beauty and sex appeal, Naomi Campbell has been enjoying something of a career renaissance of late. And just to add a touch of icing to Ms Campbell’s Christmas cake, she has just been cast as the face and body of Agent Provocateur. In the images, revealed exclusively here, we see Naomi clad as a saucy dominatrix, a sultry gardener and a boudoir vixen – proving that she’s still got ‘it’ in spades.

‘I would never have thought I’d be doing this at 44. I never ever thought that I would be modeling lingerie in my mid 40s!’ Naomi told us earlier this week from her New York hotel room, ‘When I was younger and I did lingerie shoots, I never really felt comfortable. I was just awkward and shy about showing my body in that way. It’s taken me to get to this age to feel comfortable in a lingerie shoot – in fact I think this is first time I’ve ever felt truly comfortable with it.’

Naomi Campbell for Agent Provocatuer
Naomi Campbell for Agent Provocatuer

Currently filming a Fox TV series directed by Lee Daniels, the Oscar winning name behind The Butler and Precious in Chicago, Naomi has also been spotted at many a soiree (and Gogglebox) with BFF Kate Moss. ‘Kate is my sister,’ Naomi says, ‘The key to our friendship is honesty. You know – I’m there for her, she’s there for me and we have a respect and love of one another. You always want the best for the people you care about in your life. Kate is an amazing wife, mother and icon.’ The supermodel also says that she’s having the time of her life right now, ‘I’m living between London, New York and Chicago, just going with the flow, having fun and trying different things. If you don’t try it now when are you going to do it?’

As for keeping that physique in shape, the Streatham born beauty insists it’s as much about what’s inside that counts. ‘I try to eat correctly and do pilates, and yoga because I want to look and feel my best. It’s about the mind as well as the body – mind, body and spirit. If you feel good, you look good.’

Naomi Campbell for Agent Provocateur

Naomi is planning to be home with her family in the capital this Christmas, ‘For me it’s the time for being with your loved ones. I’m so happy I’m going to be home in London for Christmas this year - it’s so important to be still from time to time. You know go for lunches and dinners and Winter Wonderland. I can’t wait to go there - I love the rides!’

When it comes to the presents under the tree, Ms Campbell thinks that ‘lingerie is quite personal. I definitely think that women should always wear beautiful lingerie. It’s not just about getting dressed for a man no one has to know what’s under your clothes. If it makes you feel sexy and feminine then do it. You have to put yourself first and foremost. For me, this campaign is for women – I’m 44 years old and this campaign shows women of my age that we can all wear beautiful lingerie. Agent Provocateur is something that can apply to you, no matter what your age.’

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