11 Stunning Items From Cult Label Nanushka That Will Be Everywhere This Spring

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Stunning Items From Cult Label Nanushka That Will Be Everywhere This Spring

by Lucy Morris |
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As a fashion editor, it is my job to look and think about clothes. In the last few months it has come to my attention that there is one under-the-radar brand that keeps popping up. It’s called Nanushka and although it was founded in 2005 it’s successfully moved stealthily. Until now. The London College of Fashion graduate behind the label creates minimalist pieces that are easy to get obsessed with. While it’s arguably a touch less affordable than we’d like, each item is lovingly made and beautifully finished. These are pieces worth saving up for!


Debrief Nanushka Clothes

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1. Nanushka, Margot Slip Dress, £301.36

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2. Nanushka, CITE Biker Jacker, £477.74

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3. Nanushka, Tala Loose Dress, £385.56

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4. Nanushka, Ling Puffer Jacket, £434.31

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5. Nanushka, Soraya Satin Button Down Dress, £438.74

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6. Nanushka, Sosa Zebra Intarsia Sweater, £261.47

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7. Nanushka, Dakota Trench Coat With Hoodie, £527.38

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8. Nanushka, Lempo Turtleneck Knit Tunic, £310.22

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9. Nanushka, Tuli Paperboy Waist Denim Skirt, £261.47

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10. Nanushka, Naga Western Detailed Shirt, £234.88

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11. Nanushka, Sally Denim Dress, £288.06

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