Munroe Bergdorf Becomes First Transgender Model To Join L’Oréal Diversity Campaign


by Anna Brech |

Transgender model Munroe Bergdorf has joined a fresh line-up of faces fronting a diversity initiative by L'Oréal Paris.

The DJ and activist from east London is the first transgender woman to star in a campaign by the global brand, and hopes to break down barriers by doing so.

Munroe came out as gay aged 15, and began living as a woman three years later. She started "the slow process" of transition aged 25.

But, as she explains in a heartfelt new video for L'Oréal, she struggled to find other trans women to relate to when she was undergoing this life-changing process.

"I just decided to start speaking more about my experience," she says. "I just thought, if I can't relate to anybody in the media who's transgender, then hopefully someone can relate to me.

"I definitely set out to empower girls like me," she adds. "Not many people know that it was trans women of colour that fought for gay rights that started the Stonewall riots, which eventually led to the gay rights movement."

Munroe says she sees herself as a "role option" rather than a role model because "I'm still finding myself, like everyone else is still finding themselves... it's not a smooth ride."

Munroe is one of five new ambassadors who have been hand-picked to front L'Oréal's YoursTruly True Match campaign, as the brand continues to celebrate diversity and inclusivity in beauty.

It comes as L'Oréal launches five new darker foundation shades this September, bringing its full range to 28 options.

Munroe says finding a foundation that suits her skin tone has been "an epiphany".

"Makeup has definitely been a way of me reflecting how I feel inside and it's a direct expression of who I am," she says. "Going into a store and finding makeup that helps you achieve those small victories, I think that's amazing."

Other new additions to the campaign include style blogger Mercedes Benson and model Neelam Gill. They appear alongside L'Oréal's other YoursTruly True Match ambassadors; Cheryl, Katie Piper and Gary Thompson.

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