This Is How Much You Should Spend On A Wedding Gift

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According to a new study by the Wedding Shop, the amount of money your guests think you spent on your wedding actually influences how much they are willing to part with their cash for a wedding gift. Seriously.

The survey revealed that 65% of guests are more likely to splash the cash on expensive gifts if the bride and groom go the extra mile and pay for their accommodation and food and drink. But that gift has to be over €32, as under that amount it just a massive waste of time (don’t shoot the messenger, these are just what the stats say).

If you’re a sibling, parent, grandchild or best friend that’s about to tie the knot however, you’re more likely to get the best end of the deal when it comes to wedding gifts. For example, BFF’s are likely to receive some of the highest value gifts (on average worth approximately €84), but second cousins and neighbours… not so much. Soz guys.

Here’s a quick stat breakdown:

  1. Your sibling – £80

  2. Grandchild – £80

  3. Your parent – £74

  4. Partner’s parent – £67

  5. Best friend – £66

  6. Your partner’s sibling – £64.50

  7. Good friend – £41

  8. An aunt – £39

  9. An uncle – £38.50

  10. Your cousin – £38.50

  11. Your partner’s cousin – £34

  12. Your partner’s friend – £31

  13. Friend of the family – £27.50

  14. Second cousins – £27

  15. The boss – £25

  16. Your neighbour – £23

That being said, 74% of wedding guests said they would prefer that the bride and groom were specific with the gift they would like, which is definitely a better solution to avoid spending too little or too much we say. What do you think?

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