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Could We Save The Planet By Sipping On The World’s Most Expensive Straws?

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From sterling silver to hand-blown Murano glass, these luxury brands are tackling the plastic crisis one slurp on a bouji straw at a time.

With David Attenborough’s closing speech in the finale of Blue Planet II ringing firmly in our ears, the once innocent ritual of asking the barman for a straw with our vodka soda is now one tainted with shame and guilt. And for good reason.

It’s estimated that nearly 13 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean each year, threatening the existence of nearly 700 marine species, according to research by Plymouth University. And it's our excessive use of single-use plastic straws contributing to the extreme plastic pollution our planet faces.

The Attenborough effect, as it's become known, has seen a rise in the number of people advocating a ‘plastic-free’ lifestyle (Princess Eugenie recently announced that her upcoming nuptials to fiancé Jack Brooksbank will be entirely free from single-use plastic) and conventional straws are being phased out in restaurants, bars and cafe's around the world.

Now several luxury brands have pledged their allegiance to the movement, in the form of some very pricey, but environmentally friendly drinking utensils. But with prices reaching upwards of £300, is this new wave of wokeness just an example of 'plastic-free privilege'?

From Tiffany & Co's stainless steel Crazy Straw, to a Murano glass collection from Campbell-Rey, take a look at the luxe labels are offering up a bouji solution to the inevitable Saturday night straw-shaming.