Confessions Of A First Time Model At Milan Fashion Week

It’s not all champagne and blow dries FYI

Confessions Of A First Time Model At Milan Fashion Week

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‘The very first time I was scouted I was 16 on a shopping trip with my friend in Primark. I have been with Storm for about a year and it’s going really well. I used to watch America’s Next Top Model religiously but I didn’t think it was possible [for me to model].

My first London fashion week was exciting, there's a feeling you get before a fashion show that you can't really recreate. The moments before are probably the only time you’re not running around because everything else is so hectic and fast pace.

By and large fashion week is enjoyable but really tiring. I have about five castings per day and they take place all over the city. It’s always the same, they take your Polaroid picture, you give them your card, you walk up and down and if they really like you they’ll get you to try something on. At first, it made me feel anxious because when you first start a lot of the time you don't know what you’re doing or who anyone is.

Confessions Of A First Time Model At Milan Fashion Week

My first casting was for Burberry. I went in with absolutely no expectations, I had no idea what a casting would be like.

There was probably close to around 100 of us [models]. After a long wait, I met the casting directors and told them a little about myself before showing them my walk. I quickly realised that this industry requires a lot of patience!

I’ve lived in a model house [like they do on ANTM]. I shared with up to six girls with only one bathroom! It’s actually really fun though and you can pick up bits of different languages, which is always cool. The industry is cool and it can be really inspiring, especially seeing all the hard work that goes into everything behind the scenes.

Personally, [modelling] has helped me build my confidence in a way I didn't expect. quite enjoy it because it means you get to express yourself in a way you wouldn't normally. Something I really love is being able to represent Somali women in a different light. This industry isn’t glamorous, at all, although I really do enjoy all the free food!'

As told to and condensed by Lucy Morris.

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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