Ace Jewellery News: The Split Heart Necklace You Wore As A Teen Is Back!

And other lessons in accessories from Amber Atherton, the founder of jewellery boutique My Flash Trash


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You might recognise Amber Atherton from her Made In Chelsea days, but what you really should see her as is the business mastermind behind jewellery boutique My Flash Trash - the online platform that boasts it's own digital mall and a seriously drool inducing Instagram account. Especially when they hooked up with both Ashley Williams’ FunkyOffish label and super stylist Victoria Young this summer.

So given that you're probably about to get in the mood for accessories galore, we thought we'd get some lessons in Amber adornment to make sure you get your jewellery buying and wearing right...

Don't Shy Away From Wearing Silver And Gold Together

'I always mix everything! Stack all different types of rings up whether they are silver or gold - it tells more of a story. For night, when I’m going out I like to stick to one colour metal though, as it can make for a bolder look,' says Amber.

Diamonds Are Not A Girl’s Only Pal

'In fact if you're looking for a best friend in the jewellery department then a good pair of hoop earrings and an armour ring will be your daily go to,' she reveals

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**Now’s The Time To Dig Out That Split Heart Necklace **

Yes really. '90's nostalgia is acceptable for anyone right now! Frankly, if you’re not wearing a choker or a necklace with BFF on it then who even are you?'

There Is No Such Thing As OTT

'I’ve lost all understanding of balance between OTT and minimal; I normally put on as much jewellery as I can find in my mess of a bedroom before going out. But it’s good to focus on wearing loads of one type of jewellery and keeping the rest of your body minimal. So go for a simple pair of hoops, a delicate choker and then LOADS of rings, or a simple ring but layered necklaces for example. I actually love it when girls wear loads of cute little stud earrings at the moment.'

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**It’s 2014 Which Means Piercings Are In **

'Fake septum rings have really taken off at the moment. You might be stereotyped as a fashion girl, but hey, nothing wrong with that. The good thing about doing a fake nose or lip piercing is that when you're bored of being a punk, you can take it out and be normcore or whatever else you'd like again.'

Costume Jewellery Has A Life Post A Party

'Totally. Flash Trash Girl jewellery is all about having fun! If you want to wear some snowflake earrings or a candy cane ring to the office then you should because a) it will definitely start a conversation with people – maybe someone handsome hottie by the photocopier and, b) it’s only Christmas once so you may as well go for it!'

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