#MegRyanFall, The New TikTok Trend That Has Got Us Thinking About the Best ’90s Films For Autumn Inspiration

Pass me a bowler hat and big jumper.

Meg Ryan wearing a polo neck in You've Got Mail

by Natalie Hammond |

Anyone 'with it' enough to use actually TikTok - and not think it's an expression of impatience - is probably too young to have watched movies starring Meg Ryan. Movies like When Harry Met Sally, which explores the age-old question of whether women and men can ever really be 'just friends' (spoiler: no, according to the film), and You've Got Mail, a charming rom-com that sees rival bookstore owners unknowingly fall in love over the Internet while engaging in very public warfare in the West Village.

When Harry Met Sally
When Harry Met Sally

That hasn't, however, stopped users cottoning onto a trend that is the gift that keeps on giving each autumn: #MegRyanFall. According to The Guardian, this seasonal hashtag has 1.4m views on TikTok, with users posting their autumn 'fits that are heavy with references to Sally Albright. It's the ruby red turtlenecks worn with caramel-coloured blazers. It's the black brogues nestled into a carpet of crunchy brown leaves. And it's exactly, along with a pumpkin-spiced latte, what we feel like right now.

All of this got us thinking about other '90s films that provide inspiration for fall, where just looking at the clothes makes you want to turn on the central heating. Keep scrolling for the best fall films, guaranteed to make you say: we'll have what she's having.


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Hocus Pocus
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Perhaps this should fall under inspiration for 'Halloween'...Still, look at the glorious autumn colours on the three of them.

Little Women
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Cosy scenes around the fireplace - even when one sister (ahem, Amy) has thrown another's manuscript on the coals - are one of our favourite things about Little Women.

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Rushmore is all the inspiration we need for back-to-school style (and knocks on the door of #darkacademia).

The Craft
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This supernatural teen thriller features more 'autumn term' inspiration, as well as '90s hits such as tinted shades and leather jackets.

You've Got Mail
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You've Got Mail might be the most charming rom-com ever made - and its polo neck game is second to none.

Waiting to Exhale
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Waiting to Exhale's four leading ladies wore a spectrum of autumnal hues between them for this particular scene.

When Harry Met Sally
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Technically, When Harry Met Sally was released in 1989, but a bowler hat and a bed of crunchy leaves? It doesn't get much more autumn than that.

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