Meet Camille Rowe: The Vintage-Loving Victoria’s Secret Model

French/ American model Camille Rowe may have snogged Robert Pattinson for a Dior campaign, but it's her personal style that really interests us


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French/American model Camille Rowe may be most famous for pashing Robert Pattinson in the Dior campaign, but it’s kind of the least interesting thing about her. The NYC-based Victoria’s Secret model has been busily building her profile through offbeat super-sassy shots of her style via her inventively named @FingerMonkey moniker. And it probably helps that she’s BIFF (Best Instagram Friends Forever, obviously) with Alexa Chungand The Reformation’s Brianna Lance.

But whadawe like best about her? The fact that her wardrobe’s about as far from your generic VS uniform (perfectly coiffed waves, pastel skinny jeans) as possible. Vintage jeans and tees are worn with bagfuls of French attitude, bright fluffy jackets and a clutch of random accessories. All of which makes her a worthy subject of this week's The Debrief Dissects – where we mine her style for advice.

Lesson 1... Who said baker boy hats are over?


Actually, we probably did. Ever since we realised we had a baby pink corduroy one lurking in our drawer and reminding us of some bad times. But god, how cool is a baker boy in black, with all your hair tucked in, a black tank and white sunnies? Ever one to kill the chic before it gets too polished, Camille has added a pair of faded high-waisted Levi’s and a fag. We’re not one to advocate smoking but the hat we can certainly get on board with...

Lesson 2... A white silk shirt worn with jeans is ageless


This is still gonna look amazing when she’s 60. In fact, because she clearly knows her own style like we know the Domino’s menu, she’ll probably still be wearing this when she is sixty. Camille wore this to Chloe’s catwalk show in Paris and looked so much cooler – in that sexily-undone Charlotte Gainsbourg way– than her super-polished fellow front rowers like O.Palermo. Sorry, Olivia. It’s true. Invest in an expensive white silk shirt, unbutton as low as you dare and wear with jeans and just your favourite necklace – nothing else – and you’ll kill it.

Lesson 3... Customise, like the cool customer that you are


Camille’s changed up the handle on her Louis Vuitton Mini Speedy bag, replacing it with a jazzy piece of patterned red material. It’s the best way to distinguish your designer bag from everyone else’s. Also loving her double lapel anchors. Why does she need anchors on her lapels, you may ask? Why not! #YOLO.

Lesson 4... Pair a brightly coloured faux fur jacket with jeans and tee


Like Caroline Brasch-Nielsen, Camille elevates jeans and a vintage tee with brightly-coloured fur jacket (this yellow one is one from a roster that also includes a bright pink one). We especially like the way she’s paired it with a yellow T-shirt. Who said yellow was mellow? If you are a fur fan, Danish brand Saks Potts has a brilliant (though expensive) collection of coloured fur jackets, while if faux is the only way you’ll go fur-wise, may we suggest Shrimps. They’re getting a lot of attention right now – and for good reason.

Lesson 5... French girls wear breton. Fact


Just as it’s a valid cliche that all French people go buy their baguettes on Sunday morning fresh from the bakery (they do – we’ve seen it happen), they also love a Breton top. Camille pays homage to her French roots even in US locales in this stripey number, and customises it with a bandana neckerchief. We are big fan of neck scarves – because everyone should have their chance to look like a pirate. And fashion decrees that that time is now.

Lesson 6... Go for smarts in separates


You’re more likely to see Camille in a vintage floral Reformation dress come Friday night then you are to see her in a gown at a posh event. She knows how to polish it up, sure, but she opts for excellently cut monochrome separates, with a hefty degree of slouch. A gobstopper pearl earring keeps things chic, but her beachy waves make it known that she’s happiest running around in her pants.

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