Mattel Have Made A Karl Barbie, For $200

And it joins a long line of Karl kollectibles. Here are some of his greatest hits...


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That’s right, Barbie Lagerfeld (incidentally the best porn star name ever) hits the market on 29th September and will be available via Colette in Paris and Only 999 Barbie Lagerfelds have been produced, which actually sounds like quite a lot. But then again, Karl is very kollectible.

In fact, more so than any other designer, Karl’s immaculate, monochrome image has spawned a thousand pieces of novelty merchandise. Here are some other bits that you might have missed. Some, weirder than others.


Karl Merchandise

My Little Karl1 of 11

My Little Karl

Well this isn't freaky at all, is it? The miniature equine toy - sorry, sculpture - emerged in 2012. Designed by Masi Kasurinen (who also made a My Little Gaga and, er, My Little Ziggy Stardust) My Little Karl is a one off and was told for an undisclosed sum. Sigh.

Knitty Karl2 of 11

Knitty Karl

Hand knitted Karl £32.55 available from the innovative creative emporium that is Etsy. He is wool and made in Belgium and he comes with a separate diddy knitted jacket and tie that you can remove to make him topless. Grrr.

Karl Poster3 of 11

Karl Poster

Forget Peter Andre; THIS is what we wish we'd had on our pre-teen bedroom walls. Maybe. Karl Lagerfeld Art Giclee print Poster £11.14 Etsy

Pop Art Karl4 of 11

Pop Art Karl

Fat Karl (mean but funny) and ski tan Karl, by Redbubble. You can buy the t-shirts in any colour. So what you should really definitely do, is buy you and your boyfriend matching ones. KOL Unisex T-Shirt £16.96 Redbubble

Fizzy Karl5 of 11

Fizzy Karl

Immortalised on a limited edition bottle of Coca Cola Light - that's when you know you're big news. This second edition bottle (there were numerous designs) often pop up on eBay - they're considered a real collectors item.

Karl for your fizzog6 of 11

Karl for your fizzog

In 2011, Karl designed a ltd ed (obvs) collection of make-up for Sephora, which included an eye palette and a €25 Snow Globe. Which is not for your face btw.

Katwalk Karl7 of 11

Katwalk Karl

Striding down the immaculately monochrome catwalk, a model holds a bag - which was available exclusively at snazzy French store Colette, afterwards - in front of her face for the Karl Lagerfeld AW09 catwalk show.

Karlito8 of 11


Karl in furry dolly form, aka Karlito - held joyfully aloft by Cara at Fendi's AW14 show in February - had a camera inside him to film the catwalk. The bag charm, rendered in mink and nappa leather is available for £935 - and already has a wait list of 600, ahead of deliveries this month. The mind boggles.

NecKARLchief9 of 11


A neckerchief with Karl on, of course, made of printed modal and silk-blend. Although potentially a bit odd just having a mans name, in Star Wars-esque font, across your neck. Each to their own though. Printed model and silk-blend scarf, £64 The Outnet

Tokidoki Karl10 of 11

Tokidoki Karl

Tokidoki Karl hit Net-a-Porter last summer, complete with Choupette in his arms, for £129 (barGAIN.) Karl's collaboration with Tokidoki included iPhone covers, scarves and t-shirts although the Italian brand is most famous for its collectible dolls.

Karl Koin11 of 11

Karl Koin

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, the Tumblr account Tales You Lose paints pop figures onto coins, 'to unleash alternative stories.' As far as we can tell, coins from the project are not for sale. But you can visit the artist here to find out more.

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