We Tried On All The Cosy Pyjamas In M&S So You Don’t Have To

These are not just any pyjamas; these are Marks & Spencer’s finest winter pyjamas

We Tried On All The Cosy Pyjamas In M&S So You Don’t Have To

by Jennifer Lynn |

Disclaimer: I really like spending time in my pyjamas. I work a lot and some (including my bank balance) would suggest I play even more, but the minute I get home from the office, bar or wherever else I’ve been, it’s straight into PJs. Clothes are for outside only, thanks.

Somewhat enabling my habit is Marks & Spencer, everyone’s favourite place to find jimjams, multipacks of knickers and that dine-in for £20 deal. So, since it’s the season for nesting (after the parties are over, obvi), I popped down to M&S to try on their best PJs.

1. The Non-Traditional Tartan Ones

I’m kind of into pyjama playsuits, though they do provoke the same peeing conundrum as onesies, unless you’re really good at pulling them to the side and weeing straight. I’m not. This one was a good fit, especially as I usually find non-tall playsuits… well, crotchy, but this one wasn’t at all vagina-hugging. WIN.


Checked Pyjama Playsuit, £22.50

2. The Baby Grow One

A baby grow with pockets, because adults aren’t babies, and sometimes we want to keep snacks, remote controls or phones somewhere we can find them. Admittedly this isn’t the most flattering, but it is super soft, and – had my size been in stock – would have been v. roomy. I had to try a size down and tbh it still wasn’t the snuggest fitting all-in-one I’ve ever poured myself into. One for solo lazy Sundays, when it doesn’t matter that you’re peeing naked with the bathroom door wide open.

Jersey Heart Onesie, £22.50

3. The Supposed-To-Be Sexy Ones

I had high hopes for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s silky little numbers for the M&S Autograph line, but it turns out I am not a sexy PJ person, and would rather just be in my underwear if I’m going to get this naked. Don’t get me wrong, they felt lovely, but I just felt a bit like the purple Quality Street.

Rosie For Autograph Silk & Lace Set, £55

4. The Hugh Hefner One

I was pleasantly surprised when I slipped this little black nightshirt over my head and I didn’t immediately turn into he of the Playboy Mansion. Super comfy, a decent length for if you’re heading home to your parents’ this Christmas, but still just a tiny bit sexy. Oh, and before I forget, shout-out to my Kim crying face phone case. It sums up how I feel now that I’m back in clothes instead of pyjamas.

Autograph Stripe Nightshirt, £32

5. The Dead Sporty Ones

If I had a dog, I would wear these pyjamas to bed so that when I woke up in the morning I wouldn’t need to get dressed to take it out, and then I could go straight back to bed when I got home. So, Mum, if you’re reading: dog and these jimjams for Christmas, please. I would recommend going a size up in the bottoms, which I didn’t, hence why you can see my kneecaps. Sexy.

Star Quilt Pyjama Set, £45

6. The Closest You’ll Get To Seeing Me In My Actual PJs Ones

There aren’t many areas of life in which I’m a traditionalist, but pyjamas are one of them, and I bloody love a classic button-up set. I blame Mary-Kate Olsen, who one time wore a pair covered in fried eggs and sausages on Two Of A Kind, and my bedtime wardrobe has never been the same since. But what more could you want in a PJ than a check, some pockets and an oversized fit? NOTHING.

Checked Pyjamas, £25

7. The Luxe Cashmere Ones

These are so soft and fancy that I can barely consider them pyjamas, but I bet they’d be damn comfy to sleep in. The bottoms are ribbed (for your pleasure?) and the website tells me they also come in grey. I want in.

Cashmere Pyjama Set, £80

8. The Ones That Bring Out The Edina Monsoon In Me

I am a Patsy. Fact. You can see the hair, I’m more Stoli than Bolli and there’s a reason why I’m a journo, not a PR. However, this leopard onesie definitely brought out my Eddie side, and it was actually pretty fun. Sometimes it’s nice to be garish. If you don’t know wtf I’m talking about, get on Netflix and watch Ab Fab, stat.

Leopard Onesie, £30

9. The Duvet One I’m Never Taking Off

Could I BE any happier to be wearing this dressing gown? Nope. It’s a little bit puffa coat, a lot duvet and even has little woodland animals all over it. Y’know the whole pyjama dressing trend for summer? I might just bring it back for winter, starting right here.

Duvet Dressing Gown, £45

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