What Madonna Requested And Avoiding Hangovers; DJ Becky Tong On Fashion Week Parties

Behind the booth at LFW


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There's two sides to every fashion week. By day; when everyone is glossed to the max, watching shows, and trying not to trip on the cobbles while being street styled. And by night; when everyone heads to a fashion week party to get grimy. FWPs (as we're officially calling them) have got a rep for being filled with models and celebs air kissing and quaffing champagne. But what are they really like?

We caught up fashion week DJ Becky Tong on the first day of fashion week to find out. Her dad is Pete aka the most famous DJ in the entire world, her best mate is fashion face Amber Le Bon - who she often pairs up with to DJ (under the name Le Bon Tong) and she's been behind the decks at best fashion parties going so it's fair to say she knows a thing or two on the topic.

**DB: Hey Becky, so can you remember your first LFW party? **

BT: It was a Rayban event, I got given a free pair of sunnies and thought it was the best thing ever! I was like 'I've got to come to these more often!'

DB: Is the cliche of champagne and air kisses true?

BT: Champagne is defo true, but I don't see it as a negative. Sometimes it's a saviour for me over the overly sugary cocktails which give you the worst headaches the next day.

**DB: What's been your ultimate FW moment? **

BT: A few years ago I DJ'd at the Instyle Bafta party at shoreditch house and I just played old school R&B and everyone was dancing. Not many people get moving at these things so it's fun when a FW party goes a bit wild.

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DB: Do you do a staple LFW party look?

BT: I think a cool suit or just suit trousers with a tee always looks and feels right.

DB: So you do dress differently for a FW gig?

BT: It's different to the way I dress when DJ'ing in a club, I like dressing up and looking nice but also I've got to be comfortable otherwise it's not that fun.

DB: How do you choose what songs to spin?

BT: I just work out the vibe and if people are up for something a bit more mellow or more up beat. You can just feel what the people want as the party gets going!


DB: Is there a guaranteed fashion floor filler?

I always drop Madonna 'Into The Groove' or Womack & Womack 'Teardrops' - just two of my fave old tracks.

**DB: Whose the best person that's approached the booth for a request? **

BT: Actually it was Madonna, she asked for Full Clip by Gang Starr

DB: You also attend LFW - what's been your favourite shows?

I went to the Burberry shows last season. It was an honour to be there.

DB: Can you give us a LFW AW15 playlist?

Sure, how's this:

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