5 Types Of Loungewear You Definitely Own


5 Types Of Loungewear You Definitely Own

by Chemmie Squier |
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Loungewear is textile king. If you wear jeans to ‘relax’ in your house you’re probably so uptight that you iron your socks and I’m not sure I want to know you. This is how strongly I feel about loungewear.

Loungewear is steadfast in a world where so much is unknown. You can rely on loungewear. Loungewear doesn’t have judgemental creases or complicated washing instructions. Loungewear wins everytime which is why there's a type of loungwear for every occasion and you probably own them all...

1. Everyday loungewear

Your go to. The bread and butter of loungewear. This set is Mr Reliable. I couldn’t even begin to speculate because it's so subjec… OK, fine, probably an exe’s t-shirt, some kind of baggy bottoms and a hoody. Happy? What ever it is, it’s probably all been washed much less than is considered socially acceptable, but it's all good.

2. The stuff you can kind of wear outside

And I mean kind of. Really really kind of. This get-up is so borderline acceptable that it’s not even funny so you're going to have to use your judgement on this. It'll differ depending on which stage of life you’re at too. University student? Checked pyjama’s are so acceptable it would be unaccceptable not to wear them when you pop to the supermarket. And if you don’t pair them with flip flops you’ve really missed a trick there.

3. The partner-appropriate get-up

These are tricky waters to navigate. Striking the exact balance between nonchalant relaxation and not looking like shit is nothing short of a fine art. For this reason I implore you to think carefully here. It's going to have to be tracksuit bottoms but not your 14 year old GAP trackies that you're pretty sure your mum used as a bathroom rag one time (this would explain the bleach splodges). Bieber-esque with a cuffed ankle trackies err just on the right side of 'smart caj' in the world of loungwear ( plus, I'm not sure you can even get the other kind anymore). Pair with a loose grey tee baggy enough to ensure you nail the bra-strap-peek and you're shabby chic personified.

4. Hungover loungewear

You are more hungover than you’ve ever been in your life ever. It hurts to move. It hurts to blink. This will be made from the softest material known to man, something fleecy, probably. Anything less and it'll feel like a thousand Borrowers are stabbing you with tiny knives everytime you breathe. Nothing can help you now apart from the aforementioned fleecy loungewear and back to back Storage Hunters.

5. The stuff even your flat mates haven't seen

These are bad. Really bad. Like, if your house was on fire and you were wearing these items, saving your beloved photo album wouldn't even cross your mind. All you should be concerned with saving is some face by getting those rags the fuck off your body. Run out naked if you have to. Nothing is worth the world seeing your holey Bridget Jones pants and threadbare year 7 camping trip tee (your design, obviously).

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