Meet Louise Alsop: The Designer Who’ll Have You Wanting To Wear Baby G Watches Again

She talks through her latest Sunshine Rave inspired collection


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Amongst the big name Burberry's, Mulberry's and Christopher Kane's of London Fashion Week, there are also those designers who you might not know yet - but you can pretty much guarantee will you will in five years time. Louise Alsop is one.

Darling of the Fashion East show, her sunshine-ravers collection got everyone talking - and wanting to wear Baby G watches again. With an optimistic colour palette of yellow, white and grey and details straight out of a 90's teen dream - think dreadlocks, belly bars and those aforementioned watches - these were cool girls rebelling against the trending 'girly girl' aesthetic that's been everywhere else in fashion land for a while.


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So what was the thinking behind her collection? We caught up with the designer to find out. And the answer wasn't what we expected. Clue: includes a reference to Angelina Jolie.

The Debrief: We absolutely loved your collection, it was super future meets the past. What was the starting point?

Louise Alsop: Hey, thanks so much! I feel like the girl this season came about quite organically. She’s still the girl from previous seasons, but I wanted to push myself, and play around with cutting, new techniques and fabrication, so she’s evolved slightly.

DB: So who is the 'Louise Alsop girl'?

**LA: **She’s effortlessly cool. Strong and unapologetic. Young at heart.

DB: Where do you find references for your shows?

LA: It’s definitely a mix. I find researching online great for certain things but I can sit in the library for hours and go through books and their magazine archives. Wandering down an aisle and picking up something new, which you become completely inspired by and didn’t know even existed is the best thing. I think it’s important to take the time to still do this.


DB: Tell us 5 random references that we wouldn't have guessed inspired the show

LA: It was quite a mix:

  1. 5th Element

  2. Angelina Jolie

  3. Joni Mitchell

  4. Going to see Black Sabbath at Hyde Park this summer

  5. Old Melvins posters

DB: There were a lot of 90's references in there from the Baby G watches to the braids. Why do you think there is so much nostalgia in the air right now?

LA: Haha, yeah there was. I was a 90’s child so I guess you always just draw back to what you know and what you’ve seen. As we all know fashion constantly takes from the past, but I always want there to be a strong mix of the past and the future in my work.

Everything ultimately makes a comeback!


DB: Where did you get the idea for the genius braided hair for the show?

LA: Angelina Jolie in ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ SO GOOD! I’ve been obsessed with both of the hair looks I’ve had for AW14 and SS15!

DB: Who are your favourite designers?

LA: Yohji Yamamoto. <3

DB: What appeals to you most about dressing women and dictating what people will wear?

LA: I want women to feel at ease and confident in what they are wearing, It has to feel right, like you’ve had it in your wardrobe forever. Theres nothing more satisfying than seeing someone enjoy wearing your clothes.

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