Listen Up Guys: There’s A Shoe Off Going Down Between Ashley Williams And Sophia Webster

Check out two of the hottest shoe collabs for spring


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It's like the gods were listening to our innermost dreams and aspirations - not only has Ashley Williams paired up with Red or Dead, but at THE SAME TIME Sophia Webster has collaborated with Shrimps. I mean, come on. It's like Christmas for feet. Here's a peek at the collabs, which both launch this month.

Sophia & Shrimps Go All-Out Girly

Check out all that fluff and glitter and pink and yellow and chunky block heels and everything we've ever wanted in a shoe. Waaaaahhh they're the most exciting shoes ever. The genius of Sophia's kooky shoes and Shrimps' signature faux fur. Now they might not be the most practical shoes we've ever seen, but they're the kind of shoe you buy now and in 50 years time you will be showing them to your grandkids to prove how damn cool you were once.


**Ashley Williams & Red or Dead Work Monochrome And Minimalism **


Ok so two things are immediately apparent here. Ashley Williams has designed one of the sleekest pairs of shoes we've ever seen, and THERE'S A TEACUP PIG IN THE CAMPAIGN SHOT. We don't want to detract from how good the shoes are, (they're really very, very good, and if you've got an interview coming up they're the ideal 'I can handle myself' smart shoe) but come on, we love that little pig. We wish he came in the box. You can buy the shoes from Schuh from February 16th, with prices from £90-100.

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