Let’s Steal Tips From Whitney Cox On How To Pull Off Dungarees

This Californian girl ain't afraid to wear them. So you shouldn't be either.


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They've been en vogue for a while, but our extensive survey* tell us that people are still kinda scared of dungarees. 'I don't want to look like a 3 year old in a romper,' said one. 'I feel like a kid whose shat my pants,' says another rather too bluntly for our liking.

But, listen up: dungarees are actually a super versatile staple. Just ask 21-year-old Californian, Whitney Cox. As her Instagram proves daily, the Junior Stylist at super-hip eco brand, The Reformation is rarely out of a two-legged one piece. 'I dress like a boy! But a cute one. I don't know how I ever left dunagrees go after age 4,' she explains happily.

So we grilled the pint-sized LA lady's tips on how to make dungarees work for our latest in our regular series, The Debrief Dissects.

1. Embrace their ease


'I have five pairs of dungarees; they are such an easy piece to throw on when you think you have nothing to wear. Try different prints, materials and lengths. Just stick them with some pool slides,' Whitney tells us. She's currently living in her Isabel Marant Holden slides and two-strap Birkenstocks.

2. Don't go tight


If they're long, go slightly more fitted. But if they're short, stick to baggy,' advises Whitney. Friend of Mine makes a great baggy pair (which I have in every color) and I love baggy vintage overalls too.

3. They aint just for summer


'Go for shorties with tank tops in the summer and then in the winter, just layer up. Take a pair of long overalls and add a sweater or long sleeve top underneath, with a beanie and a cute pair of boots. I thinka great coat also makes it. I'm* all* about the coats,' says Whitney.

4. But in spring, make them your go-to BFF


I mean, it helps that California's (almost) always warm... 'I'm currently wearing my short overalls with light little sweaters, or baggy tees. I like pairing them with a cute tennis shoe and a romantic braid updo. When it gets really hot I wear them with a sheer top, cute sandals and a good hat,' she says.'

5. Don't be scared of a little onesie action


'I feel like a lot of girls are scared to try trends because they might be a little weird. Yeah, you might think its strange at first but you're going to be bummed when you finally like/love the trend and it's fading out. Look at Rumi Neely; she always looks cute!' That's advice we're on board with.

6. Look to premium denim brands for dungas that will last


'There are great boyfriend-style dungarees at Current Elliott, Frame Denim and Aussie label, Friend of Mine. I'm into them big time,' says Whitney. We'd also recommend Urban Outfitters' vintage section for great blue dungarees.

So there you have it, Debriefers. Go forth and spread the dunga love.


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