Let’s Dissect Model Amanda Nørgaard’s Lowkey Yet Unique Personal Style

It's no surprise that The Vaccines wrote a whole song about her


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You know you’ve got it when The Vaccines write a song about you (Justin Young wrote the single Nørgaard after meeting Amanda in 2011). Danish model Amanda, 23, is beautiful, sure – the song being proof – but she also has a low-key but unique personal style that we’re really buying into.

From unexpected colour combinations worn with simple ballet pumps, Chelsea boots and DMs, it’s not* what* Amanda wears – there are no outré pieces in the mix – but the effortless way that she puts them together.

Which is why she’s the latest in our series of The Debrief Dissects, where we basically steal some style tips from girls who look good.

Tonal block in an unusual shade


We’ve never seen someone tonal block with browns – khaki, olive, chestnut – but wow, it works. Start with a camel blazer or some skinny chinos (cooler than you think) and work from there.

A breton and ballet pump double doesn’t have to look tired


It’s a formula as old as the hills, perfected by glossy American birds like Palermo and Witherspoon. But at its core, a breton tee and black ballet pumps is an ineffably Gallic combination. Lending a soupçon of Scandi cool to the formula, Amanda still offers something new, with some white cut-offs. EZ for summer.

**Oversize your denim cut-offs and add socks **


This is the look she hooked us with – how bang on is this outfit? The ubiqutous denim cut-offs are oversized and instead of a leather jacket, she’s opted for a navy military jacket. The last tiny but transformative styling detail Amanda’s included is to add some black skinny socks under her DMs. Start with a vintage-esque military jacket and DMs and layer on basics.

Everyone should go boho in the summer...


...And everyone should also own a white lace maxi. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t floating over the prairies, it goes just as well with boots in the city. Amanda’s kept things ethereal with a loose plait, but it’d work with a rucksack and bun, too.

Grey trousers are so not dowdy


We recently discovered Olive Clothing’s fantastic pinstripe trousersand we’re obsessed about pairing something ostensibly corporate with a leather jacket and trainers. Amanda’s taken some office-suitable grey trousers but added a belt with rivets, denim jacket and aviators to take that drab grey into a much cooler place.

Unbutton your shirt, roll up your hems


The genius thing with this outfit is that it could have easily been quite prim: a shirt with coloured jeans. But in unbuttoning her leopard print blouse to just under her black bra and oversizing and rolling up the hems of her berry coloured jeans, Amanda’s turned into a Marant-esque languid look. Plus, she looks super comfortable while doing so.

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