Let’s Discuss The Genius That Is The Delphie Duo – Mulberry’s New Reversible Bag

So genius we can’t believe no one’s done this before!


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Props to the handbag legends that are Mulberry. Because they’ve just invented something that’s so clever we’re a bit like, ‘How come no one has thought of that before?!’ It’s a reversible bag – that you simply flip around to turn it into a whole new colour. And therefore a whole new bag.

The Delphie Duo doesn’t land in stores until next year but it was on show at the Mulberry Spring/Summer 2015 London Fashion Week presentation. So obviously we got one of their trusty PRs to give us a demonstration.

Genius, right? We’re especially feeling this creation for two reasons. Firstly, because if we’re going to save up for or persuade someone to buy us a Mulberry bag, we know with our sensible hats on that it should be a ‘timeless classic’ that’ll ‘last forever’ (and all those other fashion clichés that are tired but true). But sometimes we don’t want a boring black bag. Sometimes we want a green suede one! But now with The Delphie Duo you don’t have to choose.

Our second reason for eulogising about this creation in a way we’d normally reserve for rediscovering a retro boxset? Because unlike other novelty fashion items, The Delphie Duo is – at heart – still the quality bag you’d expect from Mulberry. Coming in every finish you can imagine – from soft leather, suede, snakeskin and a pattern we can only describe as woven – they haven’t compromised on the material or the construction for the gimmick to work.

Sadly, you’ll have to wait a bit to get your hands on one. But, on the other hand, think of this as prime saving-up time. And if you need something else to distract you, here’s what else Mulberry have on offer for next season: wooden clogs (yes, really) and floral print dresses that look anything but cutesy when put with their brilliant parkas.

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