Leomie Anderson Calls Out Unprepared Make-Up Artists

Leomie Anderson

by Edwina Langley |
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In a series of posts on Twitter, British model Leomie Anderson has spoken out about make-up artists who arrive at fashion shows totally unprepared to work on anything other than pale skin tones.

'of course I get given to the makeup artist who had ONE brown foundation she was trying to mix with white on a sly because she's not equipped', Anderson, 22, tweeted on Wednesday.

'Had to ask her straight "do you have foundation for my skin tone orrrr?" My girl started sweating and said "I like to mix brands"'

'Was going to headtop her but my bf told me to keep composure so I decided to back out my makeup bag and give her a chance.' she said.

She finished her impassioned comments posing a series of poignant questions:

'Why is it that the black makeup artists are busy with blonde white girls and slaying their makeup and I have to supply my own foundation 😒'

'Why is there more white makeup artists backstage than black when when black ones can do ALL races makeup?'

'Why is there only ever one black hairdresser backstage yet they need four hairdressers to inspect my weave?'

'Why can a white model confidentially sit in anyone's chair and feel confident they'll look okay but black models have to worry?'

And why is that exactly?

This isn't the first time the Victoria's Secret model has called out the fashion industry for issues on diversity; she has written about it in her blog Cracked China Cup, and told BBC Newsbeat last year: 'lighter skinned girls get more work than darker skinned girls'.

She went on to tell the news channel that the fashion industry at large 'has a long way to go especially when it comes to the shade of models.'

Let's hope Leomie's comments are the wake-up call it needs.

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