Korean Fashion E-Store Style Nanda Will Make You So Very Happy

Not only are there great clothes, but the models are shot with buckets of battered chicken


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‘All my friends who love Korean fashion (K-Fashion) are _obsesse_d with Style Nanda,’ said a friend of The Debrief's, when it was truffle hunting for international e-stores that ship here to share with you. (Because there’s nothing better than wearing something you know no-one else will have on, is there?) In case the Seoulian cultural revolution has passed you by, let us tell you that K-pop (Korean popstars) are having a moment and Korean fashion is having an even bigger one.

Heads up, scrolling through Style Nanda is so cute that you might actually feel like you’ve eaten a cupcake or 10 (the models frolic around the park winking and giggling.) And, yes, some of the pieces are genuinely random – we never realised how much we wanted a white shirt with a crab embroidered on the boob until I saw one.

Oh, and we must just point out that the modelling is excellent (read: hilarious.) Rather than being static, each model moves in gif form and there are tons of food props (ice cream cones, Korean Pringles, buckets of battered chicken, you get the drill...).

But don’t let the kooky and kitsch distract from how many great finds there are. And how incredibly competitive the prices are. Even if Korean fashion isn’t your ‘thing’, there’s tons of fashion-forward, wearable greatness here, with the kind of original pieces that can be hard to find in UK high street stores.

Here’s what’s going in our shopping basket


That orange crab. Can’t even deal with how epic this shirt is. Elevated into greatness by a bright orange, embroidered crustacean.

White Buttoned-Up Shirt With Embroidered Accent Point, £28.05


Retro-style athletic sweatshirts are having a big moment. This colour block one looks just like Yasmin Sewell’s very cool label Etre Cecile, but is a fraction of the price.

Round Neck Sweatshirt With Color Stripes, £27.39


Great spring-like take on checks, which can be worn in winter too with a black polo neck.

Color Checked Rider Jacket, £60.82


You’re never out of favour in a stripey tee. The nice little detail is that this one is knitted.

High Neck Stripe Ribbed T-Shirt, £18.34


A little more like a slipper than a skate shoe (which, let’s be honest, makes a refreshing change from all the other retailers right now), the calf-skin makes these flats look super luxe and the colours are rad for spring.

Colored Toe Calf-Leather Slip-On Shoes, £43.19


The most interesting take on mirrored sunglasses we’ve seen in a while. The double metal bar is both retro and futuristic and they come in bright blue and lilac. Cheap enough to buy both. Huzzah!

Two-Line Point Fashion Sunglasses, £12.39


A gr8 pair of distressed, skinny jeans. Not as easy to find as you’d think.

Vintage Washed Damaged Skinny Jeans, £30.67


An awesome way to buy into the new cinching trend. Opt for the burgundy one if you’re into muted colours, but if you’re feeling brave, try the clamato one. Looks amazing against grey and would look awesome with a plain white oversized shirt and blue jeans.

Coloured Leather Waist belt, £16.91


The ideal way to do skirt over trousers is with this sheer wrap skirt. It'll look great over jeans. Think of it as a funky apron.

Laced Wrap Skirt, £24.06

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