Kimye Are a Sell-Out. At Least, Their Vogue Cover Is.

People were pissed off when Kimye appeared on the cover of US Vogue – but now it's made history. Well, almost


by Pandora Sykes |
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Furious debate and pulled celeb subscriptions were just a couple of the many reactions to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West making the cover of US Vogue – the most prestigious glossy in the world – in a flurry of Vera Wang and sexual potency.

Considered neither modest enough – like the rest of the Kardash klan they are publicity-seeking missiles who make Sienna look shy – or ‘fassshun’ enough (this is a couple who regularly debut double leather, *a deux) *it was, without doubt, one of Anna Wintour’s most polarising decisions.

But guess what haterz. According to The Cut, it’s done well. Really well. It's set to make *records *and outsell US Vogue’s previously highest selling issues, featuring Michelle Obama and Beyoncé. I'm sorry but if a picture of our fizzog outsold Queen Bey, we’d be pretty proud of ourselves. We might even attempt to make something like Bound 2.

Now, the furore has calmed down and while the cover’s not the best thing we’ve ever seen, but they look nice, no? We can kind of agree with Henry Holland when he recently said, ‘Anna [Wintour] was like, “These people are on the cover because they deserve to be there. They’re driving popular culture around the world right now – and that is a good statement to make.”’

You may not like Kim or Kanye, but there’s no denying their pop omnipotence, right now (omnipopence?) Although we can’t help wishing that *US Vogue’*s biggest seller ever could have been something with a bit more clout; you may not like what Franco Sozzani’s choices for Vogue Italia, but there’s no doubting her passion for global issues.


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