Is Kim Kardashian Secretly Taking Style Cues From Madonna?

A case study.

Kim Kardashian Style Cues From Madonna Fashion

by Lucy Morris |
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On the surface of it, Kim Kardashian has a unique sense of style. Who else would put cycling shorts and a lace corset together? But, dig a little deeper and fall down a Pinterest hole (like I did) and you’ll notice she’s lifted it straight from The Material Girl’s playbook. It’s almost ludicrous how close Kim’s style is to Madonna’s 1980s and early ‘90s wardrobe. Maybe the international cover star has listened to Vogue one too many times, or maybe her styling team have secretly been harbouring a Madge-themed mood board, but either way, these two are style sisters separated at birth.

Like A Virgin


Both like to play hide and seek with peak a boo white lace corseting while wearing multiple layers of necklaces. Coincidence, we think not….

Good Sports

The idea of wearing cycling shorts as trousers make most people shudder, but not Kim or Madge. The pair favour their skin tight trews with corseting, obviously.

Speaking The Same Body Language

Though Kim is the current reigning queen of the bodysuit, she is invariably indebted to Madonna who put the conical bra one-piece on the map.

Bra Tops And Sheer Delights

Wearing the racy combination of a sheer organza trench and a bra top is all the proof we need of their shared wardrobe.

Like A Prayer Accessories

Though Kim’s a self-proclaimed Christian and Madge has been disowned by the church, their accessories have found common ground.

Slipping Up

White slip dress with dangerously high slits – c’mon Kim, this game of snap is too easy!

Blackout Bodycon

Ok, so we’ve established both these ladies like cycling shorts, but their love affair with va va voom bodycon really knows no bounds.

The Long And Short Of It

Lesson: board shorts aren’t just for surfers. When tailored out of pale denim and worn with a matching jacket, board shorts become intrinsic to Madonna and Kim’s summer in the city wardrobes.


Everyone knows Madonna is an exercise freak (in a good way) and that Kim is never far from the gym either, so it’s no surprise both ladies love a striped trackpant.

Pin Up Stars

What’s black and white and covered in pinstripes? Madonna and Kim, of course. Madonna wore a revealing pinstriped pinafore on Jean Paul Gaultier’s autumn/winter 1992 catwalk. Kim wore a-symmetric pinstriped pinafore dress for dinner earlier this year. However, the reality star kept her boobs under wraps. Same, but different.

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