These Throwback Photos Of Kate Moss At Age 18 Are Up For Sale

Kate At 18: These Stunning Throwback Photos Of Mossy Are Up For Sale


by Grazia |

If you thought you were familiar with every photo from Kate Moss's back-catologue, think again.

A set of stunning early photos of Kate at age 18, from an early editorial shoot, are circulating and are also up for sale.

The pictures of young Mossy were shot by Stephanie Pfriender Stylander in 1992 to feature in Harper's Bazaar - Kate's first shoot for the mag and what's though to be her first major US editorial.

The photographer is now selling the collection on her website. But they'll set Kate fans back a fair bit, as they're on sale for $2,500 each.

Taken against the backdrop of major New York landmarks like the subway, world trade centre and Time Square, the photos see Mossy posing alongside Swedish model Marcus Schenkenberg, who wears some thick-rimmed glasses that are very Jarvis Cocker.

Kate, meanwhile, looks stunningly fresh-faced and has her lips painted dark, her hair in slicked-back curls and with her eyes highlighted with heavy flicks.

The shoot for Harper's followed Kate's cover girl debut on The Face in 1990.Now 41, she's gone on to cover over 300 magazines, grabbing headlines with her striking covers - taking a bubble bath in a wet T shirt for LOVE Magazine to posing naked with Rihanna for V Magazine.

Somehow, we don't think it'll take long for the latest iconic Kate shots to emerge to be snapped up.

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