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NYFW is still happening, of course you know that - it's everywhere on your social feeds. It looks bloody freezing there (minus 10 apparently) but what we've been hooked to is looking at all the coverage and getting inspired for the next season. One of our favourite things is checking out the cool girls on the streets of NY. And they don't get much cooler than Karley. She writes's Breathless column, and is the author of, a blog about sex and relationships and her style is A-class. Basically we want to be her. So we caught up with her to get the NYFW debrief...

**DB: Hey Karley, first up tell us about NY style? **

KS: It's impossible to generalise New York style. What's great about this city is that there's such diversity. You can wear jeans to a swanky party at a luxury hotel, or you can wear bodycon and heels to brunch. One thing I do notice when I leave New York is that I always feel like the most dressed up person in the room. New Yorkers make more of an effort than most people. I like that. Give me overdressed over underdressed any day.

DB: What's your favourite thing about New York Fashion Week?

KS: NYFW is great because it's incentive to actually leave my apartment and socialise.** **Everyone's so excited and stimulated during Fashion Week that it makes for great conversation and great parties.

DB: So what have you been wearing to Fashion Week?

KS: I don't really have a uniform. Unfortunately New York is so cold and snowy right now that it seems my uniform will be waterproof boots. Unglamorous. But some red lipstick can usually fix more tragic fashion situations.

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**DB: If we wanted your look where should we head? **

KS: Tokio 7 is a great consignment shop in the East Village. They have beautiful, second-hand designer stuff for great prices. I got an amazing black Donna Karan dress there for $90 two years ago that I must have worn 50 times. And the last thing I bought there was a Cynthia Rowley pink mohair, calf-length coat.

**DB: Anywhere else not to be missed? **

KS: I also love the Brooklyn Flea, which happens on the weekends in Williamsburg and Fort Greene. I love vintage, and I'm pretty sure at least 50 per cent of my wardrobe is from that flea market. There's so many great stalls that the competition brings the price down, so you can get great pieces without having to bankrupt yourself, or resort to eating Cup Of Noodle for the rest of the month.

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**DB: **How do you find NY shopping?

KS: Shopping in New York is not a relaxing experience. The lines tend to be insane and there doesn't seem to ever be a time of day when they subside –apparently everyone must be like me and work freelance. Zara on a weekend: forget about it.

DB:Do you have a favourite shopping partner?

KS: I often prefer to shop alone. I find it less stressful. But sometimes I go with my friend Kelsi, because we are the same size and have really similar taste, so it becomes a joint experience. Sometimes we go home with the same things. Lol.

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