Did You Know Beyonce And Kendall Share A Stylist? Plus, More Goss On The Kardashian-Jenner’s New Brigade Of Stylists

In which we made a hokey ven diagram to explain the bizarre crossovers between the wardrobes of the America’s rich and powerful

Did You Know Beyonce And Kendall Share A Stylist

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If you keep up with the gossip columns, then you’ll know the Kardashian's have shown their long-term stylist Monica Rose the door. Rumors swirled about why while the internet settled on one specific story that accuses Rose, who also works with Chrissy Teigen and Chanel Iman, of stealing from the sisters. With Rose out, a new era has dawned for the Kardashian-Jenners, and with it, a host of new stylists have been given a chance to dress America’s most famous fam. So, if you’ve noticed anything different recently that’s why.

Kardashian stylist family tree

Everything Kim and her sisters wear is watched and commented on, so you’d think it would be a full-time job getting them ready. But, that’s not the case. The army of stylists that dress them do so while tending to the needs of other famous clients.

Though it’s unsurprising that Khloe shares Kylie’s dresser, Jill Jacobs, who used to assist Rose, it’s interesting that Jacobs also works with Vlogger Desi Perkins. The YouTube star is best known for recreating the make-up looks of famous people like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and, notably, Kylie Jenner.

While Kendall has suffered from her fair share of flack over the past year, it’s never been because of what she wears. With the help of Marni Senofonte, who also works with Lauren Hill, this Jenner has taken her style status to the next level. Jenner’s sartorial transformation isn’t the only credit to Marni’s name as she famously works with Beyonce. Marni’s played a substantial hand in Bey’s image in 'Lemonade', on her subsequent tours and with her recent Instagram art project. So, don’t be surprised if Bey and Kendall are seen wearing the same shoes or accessories from now on.

Though the oldest sibling, Kourtney shares her stylist, Dani Michelle, with 18-year-old Amanda Steele. Since switching creative teams to work with Michelle, Kourtney’s look has transformed into something cooler and edgier, integrating more streetwear, vintage and ‘90s staples like crop tops and Juicy.

Of all the sisters Kim has probably undergone the most significant style transformation since ditching Rose a few years before her sisters followed suit. She’s binned all the teetering platform stilettos waist cinching dresses of her earlier years and is now rarely seen out of avant-grade vintage. With the help of Christina Aguilera’s ex-stylist, Simone Harouche, who’s also worked with Gigi Hadid, Chloe Moretz, Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie, Kim has found respect in the highest echelons of the style community.

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