Hey Kanye, What Are You Wearing?

Style arbiter Yeezy has a new accessory for you to meet.

Hey Kanye, What Are You Wearing?

by Lucy Morris |
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These days a sighting of Kanye is as rare as a unicorn. The man has had a tumultuous 2017 and spent the last few months keeping a low-profile. Breaking with recent protocol, he was spotted in New York yesterday smiling while taking selfies with strangers. As unexpected as this was, it wasn’t quite as abnormal as his new accessory of choice.

It’s arguable that over the years Yeezus has had more style reinventions than Madonna. He’s gone preppy to blingy, maximalist to minimalist. He made shutter shades and head-to-toe earth-coloured body gloves trends. When this arbiter of taste and trends has a new accessory, it's worth taking note, so with eyes wide open meet Yeezy's front-pack.

Hey Kanye, What Are You Wearing?

This folio in question works like a rucksack, but sits across the chest. At first glance, it could be a bulletproof vest or a weight-lifting back support. More likely than not, it’s a hot new man bag we just haven’t got a name for yet.

While the designer responsible for the instigation of this new accessory remains unknown, Kanye has kindly given us some style tips. Wear it like you would a bum bag, under your coat but over your hoodie. Style it with ugly dad trainers, so people know you get irony. Add in camo, because it's important you blend in. But, make sure you add a brightly coloured hat to undo the good work of your camouflage coat. Be as enigmatic as this front-pack.

‘Life’s got layers like Kanye’s outfits,’ Justin Bieber wrote in an Instagram story earlier this month and, he was right on both a philosophical and literal level. As if you needed more proof, Yeezy's new bag is as complex and unforeseeable as life’s many twists and turns.

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