You Can Now Rent John Lewis Clothes For Your Kids

Do your bit for the planet (and declutter in the process).

John Lewis rental

by Natalie Hammond |
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If the speed at which your children outgrow their clothes is a constant source of amazement (not to mention annoyance), John Lewis has a solution. The high street giant has partnered with The Little Loop, the leading childrenswear rental brand, to offer its customer base the opportunity to borrow instead of buy for the first time.

The Mount Everest of baby clothing languishing in the back of our wardrobes is really quite astounding - 183 million items, according to environmental charity Hubbub. By renting your kids' clothes, you're increasing the wears of each garment - and reducing the amount of waste (and clutter, never forget the clutter).

John Lewis rental

'Childrenswear is the only segment of fashion where there is a genuine need for new clothing,' says founder of The Little Loop, Charlotte Morley. 'In all other clothing verticals we should simply buy less to be more sustainable. But with kids that isn't possible. And yet they wear their clothes for such a short period of time. Offering parents a convenient, stylish, and cost effective way to access those clothes more sustainably, and share them with others more easily, is therefore critical to the wider sustainability efforts of the fashion industry.'

The John Lewis collection is available as of today on The Little Loop - and includes 51 items for babies and children up to 12. Customers will be able add the carefully curated wardrobe staples to their subscription plan, which starts from £18 per month.


RENT: The John Lewis Kids Clothes Available On The Little Loop

Bee Knit Jumper, 13 Credits1 of 8

Bee Knit Jumper, 13 Credits

Heirloom Collection Twill Suit Waistcoat, 14 Credits2 of 8

Heirloom Collection Twill Suit Waistcoat, 14 Credits

Dino Spike Zip Hoodie, 10 Credits3 of 8

Dino Spike Zip Hoodie, 10 Credits

Dino Spike Joggers, 7 Credits4 of 8

Dino Spike Joggers, 7 Credits

Yellow Zip-Through Hoodie, 12 Credits5 of 8

Yellow Zip-Through Hoodie, 12 Credits

Tiger Stripe Sweatshirt, 10 Credits6 of 8

Tiger Stripe Sweatshirt, 10 Credits

Aqua Resistant Raincoat, 22 Credits7 of 8

Aqua Resistant Raincoat, 22 Credits

Rainbow Stripe Hoodie, 12 Credits8 of 8

Rainbow Stripe Hoodie, 12 Credits

'We're still at the point of needing to normalise alternative ways to consume. Rental is still a big shift for the majority of people - many aren't yet ready to make the leap. And yet we absolutely have to make that shift for the sake of our kids' future. A retailer like John Lewis partnering with us demonstrates huge confidence in our model. It is such a significant step in paving the way for an alternative future, and helping parents to take a brave step to a different way of living,' says Morley.

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