January Pay Day Is Finally Here! Now Let These Fashion Girls Show You What To Wear

It's like forever since we last saw a pay cheque, just try and keep us from the shops Photographed by Jonny Cochrane


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It feels like an aaaagggggeeee since the last time we were paid. We're near desperate to start chip and pinning again. But when it's been so long since you had spending power, it's easy to rush into stupid purchases - like flamingo printed bikinis that you won't be able to wear for another six months, when actually it's still fricking freezing outside and a new coat would be much more useful.

Let our pay day panel of bloggers, designers and all-round cool peeps give you a heads up on what to wear and buy in January.

Charlie May, Fashion Designer And Blogger At Girl A La Mode


Her Payday Pick: Skirt, Isabel Marant, Boutique 1, £188

Why Buy Now: You pretty much can't go wrong if you invest in a piece of surreptitious Isabel Marant. Her stuff is really well made, and has something about it that makes it feel eternally cool. 'Every winter I tend to gravitate towards a knitted wrap skirt, and this is the best I've seen this season,' says Charlie. 'It's plush and snug and adds the perfect asymmetric detail to any outfit.' Charlie paired the wool skirt with a huge jumper from & Other Stories, but you can just as easily wear it with a T shirt once the weather warms up.

Bertie Brandes, Fashion Editor


Her Payday Pick: Sweater, £100, Marc by Marc Jacobs at Matches Fashion

**Why Buy Now: **I know, I know why spend all your money on a hoodie? But this time (disapproving parent) it's different. Welcome to the sweater of dreams – it’s thick, it’s quite sumptuous (good word) and you can absolutely wear it with a cocktail dress. 'I’m a bit over feeling like I have to treat myself to something glam which sits on a hanger gradually being devoured by moths,' says Bertie. 'I want to splurge on things that will prevent me from getting hypothermia while also making me feel like a teenage Chloe Sevigny when I’m hungover. Is that too much to ask?'

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Becky Tong, DJ


**Her Payday Pick: **Coat, similar available at Whistles, £275

**Why Buy Now: **'The colour of this coat is amazing,' says Becky. 'It's so rare to find this colour coat! I've been looking for an amazing fur coat and hadn't found the right thing, but this one is so casual and luxe at the same time.' This baby is ridiculously warm and heavy, it's like pulling on a polar bear, but the vibrant blue makes it feel way more modern than a brown version would. 'I wear a lot of bright pink or neutral colours, so this will really work with what I normally wear,' says Becky.

Alice Levine, Radio 1 Presenter


**Her Payday Pick: **Dress, similar available at Ganni

Why Buy Now: 'I love the shape of Ganni dresses, they're always classic and contemporary at the same time,' says Alice. 'This one is retro with a 50s and 60s vibe, but still feels modern - I saw one of the Hemsley girls wearing one similar one to this and immediately loved it.' This is the kind of dress that you will find yourself just as easily wearing to the pub as to the office, or with ankle boots and bear legs in summer.

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Photographed by Jonny Cochrane

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