If You Do One Thing This Weekend, Watch This Iris Apfel Film

If You Do One Thing This Weekend, Watch This Iris Apfel Film


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The rare bird of fashion, Iris Apfel, has flown into London to promote the film 'Iris,' which is released in the UK this weekend.

The 93 year old became a fashion sensation when her fashion collection inspired an exhibition at the Met Museum in 2005-2006. Iris and her husband Carl founded a textile company, Old World Weavers, and they travelled the world searching for pieces for their top clientele.

The film is a touching insight into the marvellous Apfel world, opening the doors to their Park Avenue apartment. But the film isn't just an ode to accessorising, it's also a moving love story following her relationship with her husband Carl. They are officially our favourite on-screen couple.

At a Q&A at J Crew's Regent Street flagship store with Caroline Issa, Iris said: "I think it's very funny that after all of these years I'm hot property. I'm an overnight sensation, but my overnight is 70 years."

Iris and her husband Carl [Rex]
Iris and her husband Carl [Rex]

So how does her husband Carl find being in the spotlight? She joked: "Carl is a ham!" She said the secret to such a long happy marriage is: "A sense of humour and giving each other lots of space. He's given me lots of space, except in the closet where he needs it most."

As for her more is more approach to styling, Iris said "I don't believe in Coco's line 'when you leave the house take one thing off. If there's a choice, put another thing on." She added: "Style is part of your DNA, but you have to work at it. There's no free lunch."

Iris Apfel and her husband Carl [Rex]

Iris might have one of the world's most sprawling fashion collections, but is there anything that is the one that got away? She told Caroline: "There's always things that got away. I can't sit and cry about it as something else happens."

In Albert Maysles' documentary we see how Iris shops, joining her at a vintage shop in Palm Beach and at an African clothes shop in Harlem, New York. We also get to see just how huge her fashion and interiors collection is, with rooms and rooms of treasures. But the best bit of the documentary has to be Iris' speech at Carl's 100th birthday party - remember to BYOT (bring your own tissues).

Sold? See where is showing* Iri*shere.

Read some of Iris' best quotes in the gallery below...


Iris Apfel

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“Colour can raise the dead:” Iris Apfel [Getty]

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“Unless you have a nose like Pinocchio or have been in a fire, why mess... You might come out worse. I've seen few people that have come out like a Picasso:” Iris Apfel [Getty]

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“I don't have any rules because I will only be wasting them, so it's a waste of time:” Iris Apfel [Getty]

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"I didn't have children, but I never wanted children. You can't have everything and I knew I wanted a career..." Iris Apfel [Getty]

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"I like to do things as if I'm playing Jazz:" Iris Apfel [Getty]

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