Instagram Styling Tips: 5 Ways To Wear The White Shirt

Because it's trumping the white t-shirt this summer


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There is no doubt about it, the white T-shirt has been rudely eschewed for the white button-down shirt this summer. From sleeveless to collar-less, silk to cotton and, even by way of linen, the one staple you want in your 'effortless' sartorial arsenal right now is a white shirt. Wearing a white silk shirt will make you feel like Jane Birkin. Even if you really couldn't look less like her.

Here are some fresh styling tips from Instagram on how to wear them.

Button up, button down


As Danish models Tilda Lindstam and Amanda Noorgard show, a cream silk shirt works as well unbuttoned as it does done up. It's also the best staple with some cute belted shorts, for some St Tropez-chic.


Try a sleeveless white shirt with a twist


Grazia Italia's Candela Novembre's white silk shirt dress is an eternally classic piece with a very modern twist – a tie around the waist. With Candela's, it is built into the shirt (there are a few shirts like this around right now). If in doubt, though, just double up on the white shirts – wear one and belt the other around your waist.


Wear one with a summer suit


Not out of place on* Made In Chelsea *is a lime green shortie suit and strappy sandals, but blogger Liv Purvis is so cute in this Reiss get-up we can't help but think a little bit of polish sometimes goes a long way.


Try it under a T-shirt


A conceptual T-shirt over a short-sleeved white shirt gives a classic staple an avant garde twist.


Button up to the top and keep it clean


Sometimes the most stripped-back looks are the most arresting. Model Adesuwa channels Clemence Poesy in a plain, modestly buttoned shirt – a look we will never get tired of.


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