Instagram Account Is Chronicling Every Outfit On Sex And The City

And what the bloody hell were they all wearing???

Instagram Account Is Chronicling Every Outfit On Sex And The City

by Jess Commons |
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Back when were were young and we used to flick through old copies of Vogue and* Elle* in the doctors' office, it was an accepted fact that Sex and the City was upheld as like, the high watermark of all things Fashion-With-A-Captial-F.

Featuring designers who have since become household names, the TV show was responsible for starting huge fashion trends like say, giant flowers which, believe it or not, you once purchased in bulk from Accessorise and wore both as badges and hair accessories.

But now, a new Instagram account has made us step back, go 'hmmm' and wonder, were our elders actually on more drugs than we originally thought? The people we trusted as fashion forward pioneers were actually revering a lady who looked like she'd covered herself in Gorilla Glue, run full speed into the nearest Oxfam shop and stop, drop and rolled her way around until she was decently covered.

Let's have a look at some of the things these ladies wore shall we?

The 'Kris Jenner'

The 'Great British Sewing Bee - Experimental Week'

The 'Ode To Austin Powers'

The 'Is It Wrong I'm Actually Quite Into This?'

The 'Sausage Farmer'

The 'Literal Interpretation Of Leaning In By Sheryl Sandberg'

The 'Taylor Swift Award For Literal Dressing'

The Reason Coco Chanel Said 'Before Leaving The House, A Lady Should Look In The Mirror And Remove One Accessory'

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