Our Insta Pack Of Cool Girls Will Show You How To Wear Pastels Without Looking Like A Bag Of Mini Eggs

It doesn't have to be all fluff, polka dots and girly girl shapes

Our Insta Pack Of Cool Girls Will Show You How To Wear Pastels Without Looking Like A Bag Of Mini Eggs

by Charlie Byrne |

Let me be clear. I am the pastel queen. I would quite happily never wear a dark colour for the rest of my life, without even noticing. But most folk think this is weird, they actively avoid all the sugary stuff in shops, while I make an immediate beeline towards anything that is a shade of My Little Pony.

So here's a guide as to how to wear pastels without it looking mega predictable, in that girly-girl twee way that frightens a lot of you. These girls are going to convince you into pastels, I swear.

Rock Some Socks


Start small. Panicked by pink? Socks are the way forward. You can wear with everything androgynous you own, and therefore run no risk of looking like a Powder Puff girl.

Stick To One Colour


It can be a bit much when you wear lilac, pale blue, mint and peach in one fell swoop. Gets a bit Neopolitan ice cream esque. So try picking one colour that suits your skin tone, like this pink look, and wear from head to toe in slightly varying shades. If you're uber brave, you will dye your hair to match. (I'm serious.)

Team With Non Sugary Stuff


You wouldn't expect that this colour combo would work, but somehow it does. Choose one item, either on your top and bottom half, and dilute the girly factor with sporty shapes and bright clashing colours.

Choose Masculine Shapes


Man Repeller is the last person you would expect to be sporting a pastel outfit, but this oversized 'monster jacket' as she calls it doesn't look the slightest bit saccharine. Find something similar, in a pastel shade but a masculine silhouette.

Wear Pastels With Black


If you pick just one pastel colour, and wear it with black, you get a clean, crisp effect. A key accessory that works in both black and pastel, like this stole, is the dream - it makes your job tying the whole look together much easier.

Clash Your Accessories


Silver and greys are a good way to tone down the pastel power of an outfit, but it's cool to throw in a curve ball accessory that breaks up the soft shades, like some insanely colourful trainers, or a mega bright bag.

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