These Instagram Girls Will Show You How To Rock An Off-The-Shoulder Top Without Any Stress

They might remind us of Buffy circa 2004 but they're back

These Insta Girls Will Show You How To An Off The Shoulder Top Without Any Stress

by Charlie Byrne |

Don't freak out, but remember those tops with no shoulders that we all wore from Topshop circa 2004 just because Willow in Buffy wore them? Yeah, those, they're back. Sorry. They're not easy to wear, partly because we live in the U.K. and therefore our shoulders aren't sun kissed, they're usually the colour of raw fish, and also because what the hell do you wear over/under/with them?

We looked to the babes of Instagram to find out.

Over A Roll Neck


Trust @Manrepeller to show us a sensible approach to something totally frivalous and a bit damsel in distress. You don't have to go naked. Wear a sheer one over a really tight fitting rollneck, with some distressed denim, and you can nail a whole bo-ho mod look that you didn't know you had in you.

Go Full On Floor Length


The off-the-shoulder thing isn't just about tops. At the other extreme, try going full-on with a maxi dress, like this cream lace number. It's the kind of thing you will pick up in a vintage or charity shop, and you can wear with tan boots and a denim gilet to nail a festival outfit that doesn't involve short shorts.

With Sporty Flares And Trainers


People often assume that off the shoulder things will immediately look hippie, but check out these sleek flares worn with trainers - it looks clean, minimalist and modern. No fussy paisley prints to be found here.

Slung Super Low On Vacay


Temperatures here probs won't get high enough to wear this look any time soon, but if you're wandering off for early sun then you can try out a low slung off the shoulder number, which seems to be the update on the early Y2K attempt at making them cool. Start scrubbing your top boobs now so you're all smooth and shiny.

**All White With Prints **


We're loving how @pinsykes has matched her trousers and her headscarf prints but kept the top plain.

In An Uber Fashion Way


If you hunt for them, the high street is going to have some mega fash-wan takes on the off the shoulder top. This frilly number is designer, but you will find similar scuba fabrics popping up, along with really bold prints and billowy sleeve styles. If you're confident enough to take one on, then don't get too excited and go overboard with your bottom half, keep it simple with classic, slim trousers or a straight skirt. That goes for hair too - boho vibed tops will look brill with long wavy tendrils, but if you're going for a slick, polished style, then keep hair tightly tied up at the bottom of your neck.

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