Hot London Fashion Week Couple Alert: Jamie Campbell Bower And Matilda Lowther

Apparently he struggles not to trip her up when she's on the catwalk


by Jess Commons |

On your bike Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham, we’ve got a new favourite couple to get obsessed with. Actor Jamie Campbell Bower (him of the nice tattoos and messy bushlike hair) and model Matilda Lowther (her of the Model To Watch tag) met last year when they shot a Burberry campaign and have been going together ever since.

We grabbed Jamie to talk about what it’s like having a model girlfriend at the Topshop Unique show, where Matilda was walking. ‘I’ve seen her walk loads of times,’ the actor – famous for his parts in Twilight and *Harry Potter *told us. ‘I recently went to Shanghai and watched her walk and I actually did a litte weep!’ For reals? ‘Yes! Hence the dark glasses today.'

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He's not going to cry again is he? 'Maybe! If you look carefully you might just see a tear come through the little bit of make-up that I’ve got on. You’ll be like, “Why has he got a stripe on his face??” Make-up confession aside, we like a man who can wear his heart on his sleeve. I think the most emotional my boyfriend has ever got about anything I've done is when I've cooked him a curry and managed not to burn the naan bread. Oh well.

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So does Jamie ever get scared Matilda might fall over? ‘No! I just get scared that I might trip her up. I have this weird thing where I might stick my leg out or something like that…. I know that’s pretty odd!’ Erm, just a bit. Luckily Jamie managed to keep his legs to himself. This time...

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