Here’s What We’re Carrying In Our Bags When We’re At London Fashion Week

Long days of running from show to show to party mean that you have to be prepared – take a peek into our bags to see what essentials we take with us...

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Ah, you can feel it in the air. Just like Mary Poppins arriving with a change in the wind, fashion week is upon us with a clack of heels, the click of cameras, and the clink of champagne-filled glasses. As designers, emerging and establish alike, prepare to share their talent and creativity with the world once more, editors and stylists are gearing themselves up to spot the most exciting names and the trends we can’t wait to wear.

And while all this sounds exceptionally fabulous (and it is), Fashion Week is also a marathon.

This year, it started in New York on 8th September and won’t finish until 5th October in Paris, with London taking the helm from 17th – 21st September. London Fashion Week alone will see five days of running from show to show, presentation to presentation, and party to party.

And this means that one must be prepared.

From instant cameras and hair clips to water bottles and our favouriteFibre Onebars, here are the essentials we carry with us to make Fashion Week a breeze.

Hand Cream and Hair Clips

Fibre One

Julia Harvey, Shopping Editor

I love Fashion Week, especially London’s – I think it’s the most creative and adventurous. Sunglasses are, of course, an essential – not just because they look good, but when you spend the whole day with camera flashes and bright lights from the runway shows, you need them to protect your eyes! When it’s such a busy day, I don’t want to fuss with my hair all the time, so a clip keeps it out the way, and I just love the scent of this hand cream. With all the running around, I definitely have to keep my energy levels up and this Fibre One caramel protein bar does just the trick!

Lipstick and Quick Clicks

Fibre One

Remy Farrell, Fashion and Beauty Assistant

My favourite thing about London Fashion Week is the way it champions emerging designers. We really provide a place for new talent to put themselves out there and do whatever they want to do. My other favourite thing (I mean, there are lots) is the street style – people at LFW understand the assignment and dress ready for a Fashion Week. I get so much inspiration from street style, and that’s why I carry an instant camera to capture it all. Red lipstick is an absolute essential – no matter what you wear, red lipstick makes it look super chic. And even though it’s not my actual birthday, I love to snack on a Fibre One birthday cake bar when I’m in between shows.

Clean Hands and Crystal Water

Fibre One

Molly Haylor, Style Director

London Fashion Week sometimes feels like one great big party! Yes, it’s definitely hard work, but there’s such an incredible energy about the city and I love watching the way that designers grow and what they bring to the table. But as I said, it can be hard work, so it’s important to look after yourself. I always carry a refillable water bottle with me – this one has a gemstone in the centre which apparently helps to give you energy, as does this essential oil, and I’ll take all the energy boosts I can get. Hand sanitiser is essential for obvious reasons. And when I get a bit hungry, this Fibre One chocolate fudge brownie hits the spot!

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